How to win N1,000,000 cash price in the GloIn60Seconds Talent Hunt 2019

GloIn60Seconds – Glo in 60 Seconds Talent Hunt 2019.


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In my article yesterday on 13 Top business Ideas you can start with less than N10,000 in Nigeria, I promised, at the end of the article, to keep reviewing more money-making opportunities that exist for Nigerians.

For some days now, the GLO in 60 Seconds (GloIn60Seconds) Talent Hunt has been on with Nigerians taking great advantage. While this is happening, some Nigerians are not aware that they can easily bag home N1,000,000 by uploading just a 60 Second video on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with the the hashtag, #GloIn60Seconds.

If you haven’t heard of this challenge, or you are still wondering if it is true, read on.

What is the GloIn60Seconds Challenge all about?

GLO has not specifically stated how the collated videos will be used, but it’s about brand promotion.
By recording a Glo impact video, you are simply advertising Glo Network to everyone within your reach.

How does the GloIn60Seconds Talent Hunt work?

There is no special requirement or connection apart from being a GLO Customer.
Simply logon to to register. Record a video of yourself singing or dancing and upload to any of the social media stated above with the hashtag, #GloIn60Seconds.

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7 Videos with the highest likes will win N50,000 weekly for 8 weeks (56 winners in all). N200,000 each will go to 5x runners up, while the grand prize of N1,000,000 is also up for grab.

What are you waiting for? Watch this video by BBNAIJA 2018 Alex Unusual as she advertises for the Glo in 60 Seconds Talent Tunt 2019.

That is that for today. If you can’t participate in this Talent Hunt, do not worry, more ways on how to make extra income in Nigeria will be reviewed soon.

Happy Money Making!

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