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How to make Money in Nigeria as a Student. As a Student in Nigeria, many windows of Opportunity are open for you to earn extra income aside th

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77 Profitable Business Ideas through which you can earn extra income in Nigeria There are so many Business Ideas one could implement to make sign

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13 Top Business Ideas you can start with less than N10,000 to earn extra Income in Nigeria. There are thousands of opportunity to earn extra inc

I am losing my Religion

It is 2019 and Churches' bells are getting ready to herald their evangelical dispositions. It is an obvious reality that humanity gets more divi

How to Live Big in 2019

How to live big in 2019 I remember visiting Shop and Save in 2013 when I was still undergoing Teacher Training. I had come to Uyo to spend the

8 rugged ways to become a Winning Man

How to become a Winning Man Dr. Iniobong Ekpo inspired me to put up this piece after our whatsapp chat on Monday. He said " doesn't see li

7 sure signs of a fake friend

Signs of a Fake Friend. I was there when it started, I was still there when it collapsed. I wasn't an enemy of their union, but was worried abou

Man and woman fighting

Causes of abuses in Relationships

Last year, I lived in an environment where people need no TV to wash off stress. I had neighbours who knew how to make scenes through constant f

How to heal from unrequited love

How to heal from Unrequited Love

Unrequited Love is a Pro in degrading emotional and psychological well being. That feeling of giving up all for an individual who doesn't return