How to run your Blog Profitably on Complete Auto Pilot

Determined Blogger, how do you do?

You must have landed on this page because you searched for Newsomatic, or you are facing any of the following:

  • You own a blog, and your contents seem not to appear on Google, then you read an article which told you that “content is key”.
  • You have been searching for a perfect WordPress Plugin that will generate articles and publish them while you’re off to attend to other issues.
  • You are a regular reader of my Blog.

If you find yourself in any of the above categories, then this article is for you.

I was in the same shoe you are few years back when I started Blogging. I had initially heard of how some big stars earn a living out of Blogging, and I was willing to experience that too. To me, I was going to make it as long as I could just setup a self-hosted Blog on WordPress. As I had weeks of thorough writing without a corresponding massive traffic as I expected, I gradually became suspicious of a secret I didn’t have.

By then, I was ignorant of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and thought that sacrificing time and money to optimise my Blog for SERP was a mere waste of time. I kept sharing links on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp after writing each article. This wasn’t fruitful because I did that over a long period; instead of breaking the 150+ views per day, I saw myself going down and even got no blog traffic some days. This was because my Blog was dead on Google.

How Google Ranking Works.


Just like you, I started making research on ways I could get some traffic from Google on daily basis. My Blog records started changing few months after Neil Patel told me about the ranking secrets of his Blog. This is the same secret I will share with you in this article.

Before I introduce you to any the secrets that will make your blog to rank on google, you must rid your mind of certain deceptions.
You must have probably heard or read somewhere on the internet that you can make your Blog to rank on Google in less than 30 minutes. This is laughable. Any Blogger who understands how SEO works will never tell you such a lie.

At times, it may take you days, weeks, or even months to rank for a particular Keyword. And even after you successfully make it to Google’s first page, some big guys with massive Domain Authority can kick you out and take you to the second or third page. Blog ranking on Google is a constant Battle, and never a one-off activity.

Now, let’s get started.

How to make your Blog to Rank on Google’s first page.

Early this year, I sent a mail to Neil Patel and told him of how much I need his help to kick my Blog to Google’s first page. You must have heard of Neil or follow him on YouTube. If you haven’t, just know that Neil is a “Bhad Guy”!

The message I sent to him was over 400 words, but Neil responded with only three words; “Content is Key”.

Content here is exactly what you are reading now. Some guys must have told you about how 10k backlinks from an Authority site will take you to Google’s first page – Then, it was true, but not anymore! Over the years, google has changed the way sites are ranked. They focus more on content, rather than 10k spammy backlinks.

So you won’t doubt my authority, read what Google themselves say about site ranking:

“Creating original content for your site is what helps build your site’s reputation with both users and Google”


“Creating compelling and useful contents will likely influence your website more than any other factor”

The secret is for you to create useful contents that benefit many people. At this point, I know you are thinking, “How do I know if my article will benefit many people, and how do I know that it is useful to them?”

You may think that these are hard questions, but it is not. I will tell you exactly how to know when your article is useful, and benefits a lot of people – In addition, I will tell you the types of content suitable for your blog niche. Just keep reading.

How to create useful Blog Contents

You don’t just throw up junks into your Blog and expect free Google traffic the next day. Even if they were to send, your readers will bounce out of your blog in less than 30 seconds and give you a high bounce rate and bad reputation in the eyes of the Search Engines. Before creating any article for your Blog, you must carry out keyword research.

Keyword research is the only way to know if the content you have in mind to compile will be useful to a lot of people. Remember, if it is not useful to so many people now or the nearest future, you are just wasting your time.

Let’s assume you own a lifestyle Blog, and have in mind to write on “How to show people genuine love”, you don’t just open your text editor to start typing.

First thing to do is to open a keyword research tool, type in your desired content title or specific targeted keyword such as “how to show love” (in our case), and you will be displayed with so many variants for you to choose from.

Each of these variants come with specific details which you must consider while choosing which keyword to focus on. Important element you must check for are as follows:

  1. Search Volume: This is the number of estimated search that is triggered for that keyword on monthly basis. If the search volume is low, know that people do not have much interest for such topic. A high search volume is indicative of great interest in the topic.
  2. Difficulty Index: The higher the difficulty index, the tougher it is for you to rank for a particular keyword. If your domain name is struggling with below 30 domain authority (DA), do not go for keywords whose difficulty index is greater than 50.
  3. Competitors: Be careful who you fight with. If other blogs with above 80 DA have written on that keyword, then your domain is struggling with below 30 DA, Cross such suicide mission off your mind because you will never beat them.

Start creating your content with low and medium level difficulty keywords so you won’t be totally discouraged when you’re unable to rank for high Difficulty Index keywords. To start your Keyword research, I recommend you use Semrush or Uber Suggest.
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Although there are other elements that will be displayed when you search, these three can not be ignored.

After carefully selecting your choice keyword, insert your chosen keyword into the title of your article and start writing. Be very sure your chosen keyword appears in your:

  1. Title
  2. Slug
  3. Meta Description
  4. First Paragraph
  5. Body of the article
  6. Conclusion

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This is one of the important things you need to do if your content must be given a thumb up by Google.

How to Blog on Complete Auto Pilot

If you can’t do all these, what then is the solution?

Just like you, I once felt lazy, and it was practically impossible to follow all these steps and still find Blogging a lucrative venture. I needed a Shortcut to succeed as a Blogger, or an exit!

My advise wouldn’t be that you give up Blogging. There are tons of Plugins that can help you run your blog profitably on complete Auto Pilot without lifting your fingers.

Have you heard of Auto Blogging before before? Well, you may shake off such and believe it does not exist. But I will show you a Website running profitably on Auto Blogging without the Blog owner lifting any fingers.

Example Autoblog – Latest Nigerian News


Latest Nigerian news runs an autoblog by using a Plugin that calls popular News Headlines in Nigeria and displays them on the Blog. Just to know, the Blog is monetized with Google Adsense, and is ranked the 84th most visited Website in Nigeria, and 11,162 most visited in the World!

I know you are imagining, just like myself, the Hundreds of Thousands of Naira this Blog makes every month, when the Owner is somewhere in Lekki enjoying a lifetime vacation!

You are thinking if you can accomplish same, right?

Before you imagine further, let me inform you that if your Blog is running on WordPress, you can build an Auto Blog even better than Latest Nigerian news!

How to Start an Auto Blog

To start a profitable auto blog, you need to setup setup a blog first, then get plugins that will help you draw contents from other websites without you lifting a finger. This means that once you successfully setup an auto blog, all you need to be doing will be to check your phone monthly for credit alerts once you get approved by Google to run Adsense on your Blog.

To begin, you need the following:

  1. A Website running on WordPress: Without a running Blog, you can not start auto blogging. Although auto blogging can be done on any kind of website no matter the CMS used, I advise you make WordPress your choice CMS except you have programming skills to create your own Aggregator. If you do not have a Blog already, you can Setup a Blog Using my Free Website Builder and have your Blog go live in less than 30 Minutes.
  2. Suitable Aggregator: An Aggregator is a Website Plugin that helps you pull contents from other Websites into your Website or Blog. Since you would be starting an auto blog, I will take time to explain my recommended Aggregators in the next paragraph.
  3. Content Sources: Content sources are the Website from which you will instruct your Aggregator to copy contents from. For example, if you want to copy news contents from, once you install your choice Aggregator on your Blog, you will add as one of the content sources. Based on your configuration, the Aggregator will crawl the target sites at intervals, copy contents, and automatically post the contents to your Blog.

Isn’t that relieving? Now, let’s learn more about my recommended Aggregators.

Auto Blogging Plugins for WordPress

Without Aggregators, or Highly skilled Progammers, Auto Blogging would never be possible. There are many aggregators in the public domain, but only very few deliver what they promise.

The following are the Aggregators I tested by myself, so I will tell you what I experienced while using them:

  • RSS Post Importer
  • NewsOmatic
  • WordPress Automatic
  • WP Auto Ranker
  • RSS Aggregator

RSS Post Importer

RSS Post Importer is my favourite and the most flexible FREE Post importer in this list. It is easy to setup, very effective and consistent in copying contents from targeted Blogs.

The RSS Post Importer is useful when what you want to copy is the full article from your targets. However, the free version of this aggregator does not support Keyword filtering which is key to better Blog Ranking. Though I have not purchased the commercial license for this Plugin, you can go ahead to try the Premium Version for 14 days without paying a dime.


NewsOmatic is professional, lightweight, and delivers copied contents from other Blogs to your Blog very fast. This has a great advantage over the RSS Post Importer because of its inbuilt Word Spinning Technology. This aggregator works using‘s API key.

A great setback with NewsOmatic is that it copies the title and excerpts of Articles only. To get full feeds through NewsOmatic, you need a Commercial licence from which costs N161,000+ Monthly.

Without the Commercial Licence from NewsOmatic, the plugin will only pull the title and excerpts of articles from popular news sites. This would not be useful to a dedicated Blogger, except you would be running only headlines on your Blog. If you are thinking of getting full text content, consider getting a commercial license from However, NewsOmatic is only suitable for News Blogs.

WordPress Automatic

As the name suggests, this sleek aggregator automates Blogging for you completely.

If you’re an avid writer, the plugin has got you covered, as it has the feed function through which you can directly cull feeds from your desired content source. In WordPress Automatic, your content source can be the feed address of any Website. However, to rewrite your article into a completely new article, you need a Premium Licence from the The Best Spinner.

Also, if you’re an affiliate Marketer, you can use the WordPress Automatic to cull Affiliate Products from popular Affiliate stores such as Clickbank, Amazon, eBay, Evato Market and others. You can cull pictures from flicker, videos from YouTube and Vimeo.

With this powerful aggregator, you can turn your Blog into anything desirable.

WP Auto Ranker

WP Auto Ranker was released in Febraury, 2019. Initially, the plugin proved to be effective and very powerful in content copying and spinning. The outstanding quality that brought this aggregator to limelight was its ability to draw contents from any type of Website or Blog, Spin the Article into 100% original content, draw images from Pixabay, then post the near-original and human readable article to your Blog.

Regrettably, WP Auto Ranker had the shortest lifespan in the history of Aggregators as it failed barely one month after its launch. The Aggregator stopped pulling contents from Content Sources, and all complaints to the developer couldn’t solve a thing.

You may ask, since the WP Auto Ranker is having issues at the moment, why review it? Short answer – While she lived, I loved her!

I hope the developer of this sleek Aggregator fixes the outstanding issues soon. A single site licence is about $17. Before you buy the WP Auto Ranker, get my number from my Hire Page, call me to be sure the issues have been fixed.

RSS Aggregator

RSS Aggregator works like the non-licenced version of NewsOmatic. It culls only heading and excerpt, no full post. This feature limits usage for some people. However, the RSS Aggregator is better than NewsOmatic in the aspect of freedom to choose any content source. While NewsOmatic limits you to the content sources supported by, RSS Aggregator allows you to use any website as a content source provided you can get the feed address.

The feed address of most website looks like this – You must always endeavour to get the feeds address right since some of the reviewed aggregators will need feeds address of your chosen content source to work. If you provide the wrong feed address, the aggregator will not work.

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Running an auto blog can be so profitable if you follow my recommendations and implement them to the last drop. Though many people believe that “auto blogging” is scam, such is not true. Auto Blogging is profitable and can be implemented by just anybody.

No super programming skills needed, very little time required. All you would be doing when visiting your Admin Page would be to update plugins, optimise imported articles, monitor traffic, or just visit for fun!

Get started today by setting up your Website using my Free Website Builder, or hire me to setup one for you, then install a suitable autoblog plugin for you and make your Blog go live!

Aggregators reviewed in this article are not absolute; As I keep testing more, I’ll add them to the list. If you haven’t seen your favourite aggregator in the list, kindly use the comment box to notify me.

Have a fun-filled vacation even as you start your auto blog today!


  1. I was told recently that pinging a blog post can generate more traffic but what I don’t know is if it will rank the post too on search engines. What can you add to this ?

  2. Ubong, pinging a Blog notifies search engines of the changes on your Blog. While this has a little effect on your Blog, overall Blog Ranking depends on so many factors such as Page Speed, Mobile Usability, Original and Useful Content, Backlinks and many others.

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