Get paid to read emails in Nigeria

If I tell you that you can get paid to read emails in Nigeria and accumulate up to N500 daily, would you jump in and start earning, or you would still wait for monthly wages?


My Clicks Genie Account was suspended 3 days after making this review and getting 167 downlines without a reason with $83 trapped. Emails to their support are not responded to. You should proceed with caution; This act by Clicks Genie Team is fraudulent and indicative of SCAM. Check out other of my recommended opportunities.

Blocked Clicks Genie Account

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But if you seek clarification and earning proofs, read to the last line. There are a lot of opportunities available online for people who have working email addresses to earn money from. One of such is getting paid to read emails by companies and individuals. These emails are all promoted contents.

98% percent of these opportunities are not available for some black nations; Nigeria gets the worst hit. Out of tens of email promotion schemes available, I could only spot one scheme that pay Nigerians to read promoted contents when they sign-up.

How “get paid to read emails” schemes work


When companies have new products or offer new services, it is natural for them to seek product or service exposure to as many people as possible. When these happen, they will meet middle men who serve as bridge between them and their target audience – these middle men are called email marketing companies. At the moment, there are so many reputable email marketing companies that pay subscribers for reading their emails, but only one is available to Nigerians. Clicks Genie has been in existence for more than 10 years, and nations in Asia and Europe seem to have the bigger shares. There is a guy from India who sits on more than 30,000 downlines and pulls out more than $100 daily from the Scheme.

How to get started

Clicks Genie is the email marketing company that I found working. To begin, you have to setup your account. Account creation is 100% FREE, and takes less than 60 seconds to complete. Once your account creation is successful, you’ll get an activation code/link in your email inbox with which your account will be activated. Either click on the link in the email, or head back to Clicks Genie with the code.

Once this process is complete, you should get your first promoted email in less than 24 hours. All you need do is to open the email and click on the promoted link to earn. As you open the promoted page, you’ll see a counter on the top left corner of your screen; you will only be paid when the counter reads to 100%.

Payment process and how to withdraw money from Clicks Genie

The crediting and withdrawal processes are very easy to to understand. Crediting your Clicks Genie wallet is done automatically when you read sponsored email. Payment is done using Bitcoin. This is very easy to convert to real cash in your Bank Account – just follow this guide to the last line.

Your funds are eligible for withdrawal to your desired Bitcoin wallet once you meet the $0.005000 threshold, this means you can make withdrawals everyday because you’ll be earning more than this amount daily.

So after you make your first $0.005000, what next?

Navigate to Money>Withdrawal, select your preferred BTC Wallet; Either FaucetPay or Payeer. My favourite is FaucetPay, but Payeer has a lower withdrawal threshold. Go down to “Add withdrawal Account“, click there and set your BTC Address for any of your preferred Wallet. If you do not have a FaucetPay Account, set it up here. If your choice is Payeer, set up your Payeer Wallet here.

You can visit any of these links directly to setup your wallet, but if you use the links provided by me, I’ll give you one hour dedicated support on WhatsApp on how to earn your first $10( about N3,600) in about 7 days.

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Once you are done setting up your account with either FaucetPay or Payeer, copy your BTC Wallet Address as displayed on your dashboard and head back to Clicks Genie to complete the setup then click on withdraw. You’ll receive you money in your BTC Wallet.

How to convert bitcoin to real money in Nigeria

If you’re wondering of what you will do with some $300 BTC equivalent seated in your BTC Wallet, then you need to read this to the last line. Converting Bitcoin to real Nigerian Naira is as simple as making transfer from Wema to GTB. This is what you have to do in order to withdraw your BTC. Head to, click on create account then use MF9CX as your Referrer ID. Complete your Account creation and login to your dashboard. You should endeavour to use a valid email address (gmail preferred) during all these processes so you won’t lose access to your money; who wants that to happen anyway?

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As you login to your luno wallet, you will see your BTC Wallet Address on the Dashboard. If you can’t find that easily, navigate to “Wallet” then either select an existing wallet or “Create Wallet” to add a new BTC Wallet. Once this is done, copy the BTC Wallet Address as it is provided by the system (please do not edit this address in anyway) and head back to FaucetPay or Payeer depending on the one you are using. Navigate to “Withdraw” to request for the payment. In the “Receiving Wallet” field, paste the BTC Wallet Address your copied from luno, click on withdraw to complete the process.

Bitcoin received in luno wallet, what next?

Open your luno mobile app, or log-in to the web platform. Navigate on Wallet>Sell>Bitcoin>NGN Wallet…

Input BTC value

Then input the amount of Bitcoin you want to sell. On the next screen, provide your bank account details…
Select Nigerian Naira Wallet

Follow through the security authentication and receive your bank alert! Simple, abi?

follow through the security authentication and receive your bank alert! Simple, abi?

Things you should never do on Clicks Genie

The journey doesn’t end in setting up your account, there are some things you should know before you start sending me emails to inquire why your Clicks Genie Account has been blocked. Never ever try to create duplicate account on the website using the same device.
I got locked out of my first account in about 3 days after creation. This is what happened; I wanted to test their referral system to be sure it works as claimed, but ended up soiling my ass. They marked my IP and banned my main account with the cloned account. Be weary of spam.

Referral system for the get paid to read emails Program

You can earn more for every active referral you get, up to 5 levels deep. Find how much commission you get from each of your active referrals below.
Level 1 – 100%
Level 2 – 70%
Level 3 – 60%
Level 4 – 50%
Level 5 – 40%

I will end this episode here and continue the documentary in subsequent updates. Should you have questions regarding areas I have not gone so deep, feel free to write me at If you haven’t created your Clicks Genie Account,

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