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Few weeks ago, I introduced you to McBoro Career, an android Application that will help you build a Career in Website Design. Today, I will show you how to earn N36 per thousand impressions from your Articles. We will continue after the image below.

The image above contains the official insignia of Opera News Hub, a news platform that helps content creators to monetize their contents (Articles and Short Videos). A content creator is anyone who makes use of texts, images or videos to convey a message in a creative way. By this, you can see that almost everyone who uses the internet is a potential content creator.

One problem is very obvious; most content creators do not earn money from their contents. Majority of them dump articles that took so much energy and resources to write on Facebook only to pull likes and comments. This is not entirely bad, but while some are getting the likes, the smart ones are rewarded with money for making an article of 150 words or more.

How to Monetize your Contents on Opera News Hub


  1. Create a free account by clicking here.
  2. Sign in to your new account.
  3. Navigate to “Create” to publish your Article.
  4. Your article will be reviewed and either rejected or approved.

What kinds of Articles are accepted on Opera News Hub?

  1. News items.
  2. Articles on Technology, Beauty, Science Fiction, Health etcetera.
  3. Political and Social Analysis.
  4. Religious Articles.
  5. History and so on.
Read the publishing Guidelines so you won’t waste time to write articles that will not be accepted.

How is Opera News payment done?

Content Creators are paid through Opay, a payment platform built by the parent company, Opera Software. This means you need to create an Opay Account. Click here to create an Opay Account now. If you follow the link supplied above to create your Opay Account, you will earn N50 instantly.

Once account creation is successful, you need to download the Opay App into your android device so you can monitor and transfer earned money to your Bank Account.

How Opera News Earnings are calculated

When you publish an article and it is approved, you will earn N36 traffic reward for every 1,000 views your article attracts. Do not worry about the high view demand; Opera News is a very large community so you can get up to 100,000 views in an hour depending on the quality of your article. This means it is possible to earn about N2,000 in an hour on Opera News.

They also offer fixed activity bonus. If 100 of your viewers share the article, you will be rewarded with N2,400 as bonus. There is no limit to how much you can earn per article. As long as people keep reading your article, you will continuously earn from the article every month. Payment is done on 16th to 20th of each month.

You may want to create an account now so you learn more about Opera News Hub on their Website. While you you join me to earn through Opera News Hub, watch out for more of my updates in the coming days.

In my next article, I will show you how to earn money through Virtual Top up (VTU) Business. The Data Reselling App I will introduce to you is 100% FREE.

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