Iboro William Foundation

Since 2009 the passion to add value to lives has been burning. Today, it has manifested in practical ways.

Free Community Outreach - Iboro William

With your fund, we keep providing portable boreholes for residents of rural communities. Before now, these vulnerable individuals have been open to various ailments due to intake of water not suitable for drinking. We are giving back smiles to the communities.

Free health care services - Iboro William

Our health care scheme is also on the toll. Children and the elderly are receiving medical care and various surgical operations fully sponsored by us.

Touching Lifes- Iboro William

The lives of Genuine People in need are being changed for the better. They are receiving startup capital for their businesses and getting various vocational trainings.

We’re hoping to do more with God and you by our side – It is possible. Support our Foundation to achieve all these.

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