Where to buy Cheap SME Data Bundles in Nigeria

If you have ever wondered about the possible way of buying Cheap SME Data Bundles in Nigeria from the right source at affordable price, read this to the end.You must understand that SME Data is far more cheaper than Regular Subscription you do directly with your network. Some may wonder how possible this is.

This is how it works…

There are some multimillion companies interested in SME Data Resell. These companies have struck a deal with major Telecom Companies, and have secured the right to resell their Data Bundles at a Cheaper rate. One of such Companies is Load2Earn.com.

Though you will see a lot of companies on Google doing the same business, it is important you spot a company that does not only sale the Data Bundles at Cheap Prices, but offer 24 hours Dedicated Customer Service. Some companies are only interested in sales without trying to resolve customers’ problems. Just to know, you may encounter certain challenges while trying to fund your Data Wallet, Buy Data, or even resell the Data Bundle to others. Some common challenges may include, debit upon failed transaction, failure to deliver data to customer, malfunctioning website, or any other issue that needs the assistance of the Data Company.

Experience at Load2Earn is worth talking about. Even amidst the Cheap Data Bundles/Airtime, and 1.5% Cashback on all purchases, they also offer amazing Customer Support via Text, Phone Call, WhatsApp, Peer to Peer Messaging on the portal, and Facebook Page. Members of their Support Team are well-cultured.

Apart from buying Data for personal use or Reselling to others, there are about 5 more ways of earning money on the website even without making any purchase. As you Register, you will get N50 Registration Bonus Instantly. When you Login daily, you get N5 Login Bonus. If you are able to Refer other people to Register on the Website, you will earn 1.5% Cash Value of all their purchases for life. This means that you earn from people you refer forever!

Registration is 100% FREE and takes less than a minute to complete.

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