When to start start dating

My days as a teenager guaranteed so many ills. Most outstandingly, I had a stubborn belief that every adult that I had seen had been in relationships during his or her teenage days. Apart from seeing premarital relationship as an interwoven part of life, I saw it to be natural and quite necessary to guarantee the happiness and psychological satisfaction of any teenager. But having toiled from hills to valleys in teenage relationships, I came to a worthwhile conclusion; while this conclusion may make no meaning to any 21st century teen, my point will be justified when they stand where I stand.
Though teenage relationship is viewed with disdain by many parents and religious sects, the truth must be faced, everyone wants to experience it. Problem is, not everyone is ready to face its accompanying ills. Most times I speak with teenagers, some of them lament of heartbreak even at a very tender age! Some 10, some 13, some 14… Huh! Such a demoralizing experience at a young age, isn’t it?
Truth is, even at such tender age, they are stone-bred, love-drunk adults waiting to devour them like an hungry lion. Teenagers and even adults must watch out for the following to know if they are really ready to date.

When you can handle yourself


Most teenagers and adults go into relationship with the aim of taking advantage of the resources of the partner. This perception has existed for ages. I hear people say, “He is rich”, “She is well to do”. People who go into relationships with this aim end up with frustration when they are simply tired of wasting resources on an old doll that simply fails to excite them. Anyone who thinks of going into a relationship must be responsible enough to manage his strengths and weaknesses, take care of his basic needs, and think of ways to contribute to the betterment of the partner.

When you can handle others

If you can’t handle yourself, you can’t handle others. When you are not ready to brace your dignity with foolishness, do not go into premarital relationship. Every potential partner has angelic dispositions until few months into the relationship when they must have had enough of your shit, the character shield will simply explode, and boom! You two are now back to the real world. If you are not ready to face this reality when it comes, do not go into a premarital relationship.

When you can smile at the sight of bills

If you can not take care of your everyday need, do not go into a relationship – whether male or female. Some fellows find it difficult to settle bills; fare, feeding, hairdo, airtime, clothing, house rent, feeding etc. If you can not take care of these basic needs, what you need is not a girlfriend or boyfriend; what you need is a life – get a job before you fix a date, buddy!

When your emotions die

Most people go into relationships just to vent their sexual urges. If you can’t deal with your emotions, you can’t cope in any relationship. Emotions make one do the kids stuff; facebook flaunting, buzzing calls, endless minutes, regular change of facebook relationship status and so on. In a mature and purposeful relationship, what is needed is more than love. You must know when the comics won’t excite your partner after a stressful day. You can’t be there at your corner having intimate dreams about your partner every second, when your partner is on the field thinking of ways to better his or her lot – such two extremes can’t blend because they are in the opposite direction.

When you’re ready for marriage

If you’re not sure of getting married in the next year, then you have no business with dating. Only few cases of people who dated for a pretty long time and got married have been recorded; the rest have always ended in abuses, heartbreak, and even death. The bitter truth is, no teenager would be ready to marry in the next 1 to 2 years. Consequently, teenagers should not date. Most demoralizing trauma this group of people face would make one to wonder why they keep on marching into relationships on daily basis.

Teenagers are the most vulnerable to emotional and psychological abuses. Hence, they must guard themselves jealously against the net of an adult who is only seeking a medium to vent his or her sexual urge.


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