URL Shortening: Discover how to earn N108,000 in 30 Days through Facebook

After running the shorte.st URL Shortening Campaign for some days, Jackson, my friend, and other participants told me they had difficulty understanding the downward and upward flow of earned leads. Some were on 1000+, but suddenly saw 900 the next day. This is the cause – Shorte.st does not have a large base of Advertisers, so they are very strict in monitoring leads. Leads are the traffic you send to them through your shortened address. They check to be sure it is not the same old Ben who’s glued to a corner that is sending the leads in a way that spams their system; this is absolutely normal for any scheme to enforce. On the off chance that you are abusing shortened link by clicking it so many times from one IP address (the same phone or PC), they will vet your account and deduct leads that came from that IP.

This is sad, right?


PS: If this is the first time you’re hearing about URL Shortening, Read this article to learn how it works before you return to this Page.

Despite the flaws, URL Shortening still remains a reliable method of earning steady passive income online if you have a large number of followers on your Social Media Handles, Blog, Website, or WhatsApp loyalist who are not bored checking out links you send to them, as long as you keep sending.

Here are some Secrets of guaranteed success in URL Shortening…

  • Get a good number of people to enroll in the URL Shortening Scheme using your unique referral link.
  • Shorten links to daily Breaking News in your Locality and share with your friends.
  • Write interesting articles on your Blog, shorten the link and send to your followers.
  • Make offers on your Website – It could be the free download of a valuable eBook; Shorten the link and send to your followers or customers.
  • Enroll in more than one URL Shortening Scheme.
  • For Blog or Website Owners, Install the Plugins from your URL Shortening Company on your site to maximize your earnings.

Checkout my March Earning in Ad Fly below:

Ad fly earning proof - URL Shortening

If you sit on $10 in 10 days, and you feel that what you are earning is too poor, then URL Shortening is not for you. Do not expect Millions in days, or even months. The logic is to get more and more people to make use of your shortened URL on a consistent basis; say, daily.

At the moment, I only recommend these two URL Shortening Company of which I am using both;

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How to Maximize your Earnings in URL Shortening Scheme through Facebook

Facebook is not a new heck to you. It is part of our daily lives. Facebook helps me generate up to 15% traffic I get on my Blog on daily basis, while the rest comes from Search Engines, Q&A sites, and other help forums.

Checkout my Blog Stats for Last Month below…

WordPress Stats

I got tones of those visitors from facebook and Search Engines. With facebook, you can get so much people to visit your Shortened URL, and thereby increasing your earnings or Ad Fly, Shortest, or any other URL Shortening Scheme.

Let’s get started…

First, though keeping people connected is one of the core mandates of facebook, be informed that if you are glued to only meeting new people and learning about their personal lives, without taking advantage of such opportunity to earn from them, you have failed.

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Discover what you can offer…

If you do not add value to people’s lives, you cannot earn from them, or have them do what you wish. A particular friend of mine on facebook, Peace, follows Nigerian Politics to the last drop daily. I’m someone who doesn’t search for News Papers to read; I get first class information from Eye Witness Reports because most of our Media Outfits are biased. Consequently, Peace has me on facebook. I check her timeline and click links of interest every day. Now, let’s assume that Peace has, out of her 5000 friends on facebook, 1000 followers who believe in her Reportage like me, she would be pulling 1000 leads per link she posts on Facebook daily, which translates to $2. Let’s assume she shares 5 links for the day leading to topical news pages, she would be pulling 1000×5 leads which translates to $10 dollars in one day.

See this…

$10 every day for 30 days equals $300 (N108,000). Now, this is the least any facebook user with 1000 loyalist should be making every month. Additional earnings come if she is able to have her loyalist register for the URL Shortening Scheme using her unique referral link.

Why don’t many people earn this much?

It is not about others, it is about “You”. This is where the problem is. 80% of Users on facebook have less than 10 loyal followers. How do you expect someone with 10 followers to earn any meaningful amount from URL Shortening?

I have no special issues with boys, but I frown at Ladies who turn their facebook timeline to a Free Cinema Hall. At a mere cough like “Hey Guys, I’m back from Church. See how I was glowing in my new dress!”, She will attrack 2k likes with 650 comments. This is the advantage majority of the Guys do not have. As a lady, instead of having the boys water your facebook timeline which cannot pay you, Setup your Blog using my Free Website Builder, post your Adventures and Travel Experiences there, shorten the links and start earning! It is that simple.

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If you have not yet registered for any URL Shortening Scheme, register for these top two URL Shortening Schemes FREE of Charge to start earning…

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