Three (3) Energy Lines you should follow in 2021

2020 was very eventful for me. There were times I was on high in green space; other times proved tough.
I don’t need to make long narratives to pass this message. Every Nigerian remains a witness to the mess we all went through – from the spikes of Bad Governance and Police Brutality which manifested as #EndSARS Protest to that of alleged Global Brutality by Asia which manifested as COVID-19.
It didn’t end there… The compounded issue of unemployment, insecurity and unending recession made life difficult for Nigerians.
While it is our hope to attain greener years ahead, these tips might help you to become happier and fulfilled in 2021:

Know yourself, know others


One eternal plague that seems like a curse globally is the need to “blend in”. Most young persons are trapped in this “red” mess already. They want to assume standards they have not properly laid foundation for just because they see others doing same. Last year, an old friend, David called me to make an offer. He offered to sell his 5KVA Generator at N100,000. I was shocked. “That’s low bro. Why do you want to sell it at such price?”; “I want to balance up and buy a car”.
After speaking with him at length, I discovered his desire for a car was born out of the need to mix-up with his friends who own cars already. He succeeded in buying, but dumped it in less than three months.
Unhealthy competition is toxic to your body and soul. It eats up the flesh and drains it dry.
Stay real bro! Buy it when you can afford. Eat what you can afford. Keep your clothes simple and neat. A branded polo at Ibom Plaza is N1,000. With 5,000, you can buy 5 pieces. A pack of cotton (3 in 1) boxers is N1,500. Be at peace with your soul!

Work, eat, sleep

Work smart more than you work hard. People who do not apply smart principles rarely become wealthy, though they may attain a level of enviable success. “Wealth” in this context connotes a level of abundance, where it may be easier for one to bleach than to become poor again.
Spend time to build network of people who will make life easier for you. At intervals, take sometime off work – take a walk at the Tropicana and get some shots at Discovery Park. When your brain gets weary, sleep for a while so you can increase productivity.
Since I got a point of sale machine for my Computer Training Center, people have been trooping in for “free” consultation. Everyone assumes that getting one is a green card to success. Instead of giving them fake information (as was done to me) so they won’t succeed at getting one, I gladly let every information open then help them to register using my unique referral ID. Today, I keep earning bits from their transactions when they use the machine.
Your brain should work faster than your body.
Anytime you stop taking care of your body, you may breakdown mentally or physically. Spend some money on good diets. My father likes fresh fruits and mom likes vegetables. These two stocks are great! Buy a refrigerator and never run out of supply! Prominent recommendations are Carrot, Cucumber, Garden Egg, Nuts, Coconut, Pumpkin Leaves etc.
In-between jobs, pause and munch! Work no dey finish o.

Diversify your income source

As a full-time Classroom Teacher, I still design websites, invest in crypto, own a computer service center and train people too. This might sound crazy, but doesn’t take so much time as you think. I spend 7 hours daily at work, 3 hours to train and attend to people at McBoro. That’s 10/24 hours per day which is enough time to travel to Anambra from Uyo and return!
My friend, John is into transportation business aside being a Programmer. Rev. Richard is into Agro but he’s a Priest! Priscilla is into Agro too, but she’s a Journalist. Ezekiel does information marketing, but he is an accountant!
Don’t let that paper your school gave you on graduation to limit you.
If you’re unsure of where to invest in or how to start, follow Akwere Essien. He’s an expert financial advisor and has so much low risk, legal ideas you should try.
Don’t let anyone deceive you that you’ll be happier when you’re in lack than when you’re wealthy. Create a network of people you wish to be like; people who are already living the life you desire. Get close to them, learn from them and do what they do.
If you associate with a successful Agro Business man for a year and do not turn your backyard into a poultry farm, you’ll start processing maize grains.
Read books from successful entrepreneurs. I recommend Idiots with B.Sc. by Collins Oscar, Parable of Dollars by Sam Adeyemi and Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

Continue learning and keep your mind open to knowledge.

Have a great 2021!

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