Three (3) elements of accomplishment that do not fail

I am still in contact with some of my “weightless” folks who incidentally live on earth. I saw James Webb Telescope having boundless romance with the outer space yesterday during a broadcast by Al Jazeera. This revolutionary Telescope is investigating potentially habitable exoplanets, while bouncing “weightlessly” in the dark space. Not only does this scene remind me of the many scientific breakthrough we are experiencing, but also the ironically “revolutionary” humans whose strategies can only bounce in the outer space, not real world; humans who don’t learn, but yearn to accomplish feats.

Knowledge can manifest in different dimensions. It is the enrichment you offer your soul through consistent exposure to a particular subject or task over a long period. Taking-in so much is a guarantee that you will have so much to give out. This can come in form of skills or information people see and scroll pass.

It is not possible to consistently expose yourself to learning and remain ignorant in that area. If you want to accomplish a significant feat, turn off the TV and stay dedicated for 21 days. Dr. Maxwell Martz stipulates in his book, “Psycho Cybernetics” that it takes 21 days of practice for an old mental image of us to dissolve and a new one to stick.

I never thought that sleeping by 11pm and waking up by 4am everyday without an alarm clock could be so easy until I joined the Aviation Industry in 2021. My first day at work was terrible. I was in a new environment that needed focus and mental coordination, but my weak eyelids kept giving me the daredevil blow, trying to assimilate the new 5/24hrs rest schedule. In matter of weeks, my body mastered the 5/24 rule!
Take advantage of this strategy. It is simple. Pick up an activity, stay on it daily for 21 days and become a hero. Drawing up a daily task schedule can help you accomplish this.

Grace is another element that cannot be diluted. It’s either “grace” or something else! If you believe in something or a god, you should get your grace mantra before giving them the next sacrifice. My faith is in God Almighty who doesn’t require sacrifices. Grace is the state of achieving feats with ease even when others meet stumbling blocks in an attempt to do same. It is an unmerited favour.

This Christly favour has been manifesting in my endeavours even when knowledge fails. It pushes me beyond limits even when my eyes spot red lines. Sometimes, it can be so magical! When I read “stop!”, grace reads “start!”. It comes from above and doesn’t pay attention to race or gender. Since I came in contact with this living magic, I have never failed in any of my endeavours.

Grace offers a new life which brings to fruition, the promises of God Almighty! Paul, an Apostle of Jesus Christ said (in 1 Corinthians 15:10) “But by God’s grace I am what I am, and the grace that He gave me was not without effect. On the contrary, I have worked harder than any of the other Apostles, although it was not really my own doing, but God’s grace working with me”.

Tap into God’s grace too and enjoy the privileges I have!

Just like Christ admonished the Pharisees not to neglect an aspect of the law while practicing others in Matthew 23:23, hard-work must not be neglected.

Knowledge may fail, grace will never be insufficient, but without hard-work, it might be difficult to make great accomplishments. See the snippets below, taken from my Book, The Bible of a Spartan:

“Spartans get committed to something, and they make it real beyond dreams!”

“You cannot mob the floor and tour the world; nowadays, robots can do that!”

“What differentiates Spartans from others is their unwavering intellectual prowess and problem-solving abilities. Spartans are energetic and skilled people. If you cannot fix the light bulb, do not rent a duplex!”

It is impossible to put in so much energies consistently into a task without getting desired results or clearer ideas on how to accomplish same! If you have been working hard, keep working! If you are passionate about a skill, go learn it!

Knowledge, Grace and Hard-work; may these elements liberate your soul!

Iboro William,
Author, The Bible of a Spartan.

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