The one second lapse that made me disappoint my Students

Thursday was quite an exciting one at Uniuyo International Secondary School. A citadel of learning whose abundant exuberance radiates at dawn every day. I made my way off transit at 7 as usual. Familiar routes suck! But I can’t stay off the experience every day of my life. Only this day, my students were already gathered in their numbers cheering and welcoming teachers before their usual morning drills.
Tr. Mike who has been a Nigerian Idol of ties got off his conviction today when he turned a sportsman in black-coated sneaks and yellow body-fit top. This must be something juicy, so I thought! Mike is a great guy! He has been on the frontline of PHE with so much enthusiasm in recent times.
As I hoped for, it was time to kick the green and stretch my muscles in the company of my colleagues and students. We did a “scholarly” procession from the office to the sports ground.
Excursion to 2020 end-of-the-year get-togother organized by UWA.

Tr. Jimmy broke off his “manly” toga too, so we did our first warm-up while the students were given their positions in readiness for the sporting activities. It dawned on me that the great folks in uniform were already excited about my conquest. They started shouting “Go Basic Tech!”. But wait… my intention was to stretch my muscles, not to make a show.

My students took the floor to compete in clearly ceremonial race; fat, thin, tall, short, all making an elaborate combination of strength and vigor. It was our turn to show students that we “lead in all”. I was so excited about this moment of victory. As we made it to the start line, cheer leaders were already shouting “Basic Tech! Basic Tech!!, Basic Tech!!!”. I made a solemn wish not to disappoint these patriots who were already so optimistic about my victory. I don’t know why they had so much hope; maybe because of my intimidating height and the strength I displayed against Tr. Jimmy in our early morning pushup.
Teachers at UISS

The whistle was up, then I got lost in a second of doubt, only to see Mr. Akpan Esen a step ahead. I jumped in attempt to violate the law of gravity; it was too late. I couldn’t undo the disaster caused by a second of doubt. I should have moved with the sound of the whistle, not the trace of my doubt. I wasted one second. I made it to the finish line as the second-place winner, but this was clearly not my target.

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Mediocrity and doubt make a dangerous combination. It’s either you get bruised or you bruise others. Your energies and resilience have a way of inspiring people. When you stop pushing or start doubting, so much damage is caused.
In 2018 when I registered my IT Firm, McBoro Enterprise, I was out of touch with the limitless possibilities I could attain. I bought computers and became particular about flexible keyboards to accelerate typing. It never came to mind that there could be souls out there depending solely on my strength as their baseline. When I started admitting students for training and mentorship, I took random pictures of training sessions and posted on facebook. It wasn’t so long when I received a message from Nancy, a citizen of the Nation of Philippines. Nancy told me she would never forgive me if I stop pushing. She said my activities are her inspiration. December last year, she promised my Academy new computer sets.
Late last year, a student I trained on Web Design came to me and said he couldn’t hold back again. He has received numerous Web Design contracts since he graduated from my Academy. Daniel gave me an envelope of N20,000 and sought my prayers. This is a moment I have never been able to clear off my mind. I have received numerous gifts in the past, but getting blessed for assisting people to know what you know turns me to the blue column. I have inspired Daniel to the point he couldn’t hold back again!
I have noticed one thing about breakthroughs; when you are so close to one, doubt envelopes your mind. My contact with this villain has taught me lessons the classroom can never hold. Doubt is an ass-kicking monster. When you believe in something, do not look back or hesitate for a second because victories do not come begging the second time. Akpan Esen pushed me back today, not because he received racing lessons from Usain Bolt, but because I failed to deal with my mind. I was down in deep-shit doubt. This made me to delay my first step strive and lost my victory!
Don’t be like me. When you see an opportunity, grab it! Don’t disappoint your “Students”!

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