Solar Energy Revolution in Nigeria – The views of a “Common Nigerian”

Just yesterday, it was ended with colourful hues…

The Ibom Solar Entrepreneurship Workshop which was organised by Everyman IT Solutions last week in Eket, Akwa Ibom is the kind of programme that should receive unreserved support from the government and individuals who are interested in the growth of the renewable Energy Industry.

Participants at the Workshop were trained on how to size an efficient solar system, build functional solar energy system, build a standalone charge controller, and taught the basics of digital Marketing.

Construction and Deployment of functional Charge Controller by Trainees at the 2019 Solar Entrepreneurship Workshop in Eket organised by Everyman IT Solutions in Eket.

Recall that this training is coming at a time when Nigeria is plagued with epileptic power supply, and sometimes total blackout which may last up to 6 months, and sometimes years without any interest demonstrated by the government of the day to fix such fatal anomaly.

If we talk about Africa, this continent has a great potential. Africa is one of the sunniest continent in the world, 85% of African Land receives more than 2,000 kilowatt-hours of solar energy per square meter per year. Almost 70% of the population of African countries is located in the Sahara and the surrounding areas do not have access to the grid. With the help of Solar and Micro-Grid technologies, an energy revolution can happen in Nigeria. Solar energy will help us reduce dependence on traditional dams and increase the share of renewable energy sources in our energy mix.

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In Western Nations, their economy is booming because of steady power supply. Industries prosper because of this too. Companies are birthed because of steady power supply, and youths stay off crime because with steady power supply, they can get their enterprise running even from their kitchen.

Setup of a functional Solar Energy system by Mr. Danijoe and Mr. Bright Aniekan of Everyman IT Solutions during the 2019 Solar Entrepreneurship in Eket, Akwa Ibom.

Even amidst the “DISCO Conspiracy”, the Chairman of Everyman IT Solutions, Mr. Bright Aniekan has taken to the forefront to equip vision-loaded youths with saleable Green Energy skills. This is an important aspect of development that has failed to win the sympathy and patronage of the Nigerian Government since our “self-acclaimed” independence from the Bristish Colonial Masters.

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Shame on any Government that can not guarantee steady and affordable power supply in a Country where common citizens who have already been torn by indirect taxation, multiple taxation and ridiculous VAT are hunted by “yellow-coated” tax collection officers.

The Solar Entrepreneurship Workshop which is ignored by the government of the day has a yearly rotational fixture in Uyo, Ikot Ekpene and Eket. The last time I spoke with Bright, he expressed his readiness to move to other parts of the state in order to train and create awareness on the installation, usage and maintenance of functional Solar Systems.

Instead of our Government ignoring the supremacy of Solar Energy over our Traditional Dams, pace setters like Everyman IT Solutions should be engaged and funded to deliver better and reliable electricity to our Communities. Instead of propagating what seems to be a conspiracy between the Government and DISCOs, our Leaders should wake up to the reality in the energy Industry. There is no limit to the energy we can generate from the sun.

What’s Nigeria doing with her “Solar Prosperity”? Is she the “Giant of Africa” only in the news? Kenya, Morocco, Rwanda, South Africa and Algeria have taken the lead in Solar Technologies in Africa – The Government of Nigeria should emulate the good example.

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