Slow and steady does not win the race; the fast guy does

Yesterday was another remarkable May day for me as I embarked on an Intercity Luxurious ride to the Raffia City. The sights were thrilling as I invested more than an hour in what was supposed to be a 30 minute ride. I got on the wheels in the evening with plans to stay on 40km/hour. As I was about 8 kilometres away from the Metro, one hardcore rider gave me a backward shift, the kind I couldn’t recover even at 50km/hour.
My plan had been to be a conventional luxurious rider till I get to the Raffia City where I planned to kill more than one bird with one stone. That demon for conventions, the holy demon kept ringing “slow and steady wins the race”. Come on, I’m not in some kind of race! That backward shift kept becoming more real even as the demon kept ringing. I was poised to see how such shitty stuff work; the guy at 80km/hour and the shitty Conventionalist at 40km/hour… I kept the throttle going. Little did I know that I was indirectly wishing the 80km guy a fortune that would never occur – may be a flat tire or out of fuel experience… Haha. Bad fortunes are afraid of preparedness, so none of those happened. I kept hoping that somehow, anyhow, there would be an overtaking… None of these happened because I had soak my sense of reason in a shitty dogma that has doomed many folks for centuries.

“Bad fortunes are afraid of preparedness”
– Tr. Iboro William

Some folks do not seem to ask questions as to how a “slow and steady” dude would ever matchup with the “fast and consistent” dude… Never! A person given to late landing might not breakout of such except the mind is reformed. On my way back, I decided to tune off luxury and see how the dogma could be challenged… I stayed on 60km/hour to see how results could possibly change. I became the winning guy! The kind of victory that attracts no trophy, but a spinning sensation and running bush!

This dogma seems to pull many minds which were meant to be great right from inception behind the curtain. They see success in being on the average with the demonic consolation of “slow and steady…” Shit! This same dogma is the reason no snail will ever reach the moon. When mediocrity sets in, these same folks see it as being “slow and steady” with the hope of winning. When poor grades are earned in College, they still see it as being “slow and steady” with the hope of making a first class on graduation day. When success seems so far, they think they are “slow and steady” with the hope of “hammering” someday. When they lose a job, they still term it to be “slow and steady” Mkpo’adiba! That’s the exclamation I make when this level of ignorance is in display. Miracle does not exist in the success equation; decision making does. Speed and consistency are attributes we must never abhor.

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When the trophy is in sight, or somewhere close, break the jinx mentality. Pull down shackles, fly over the sea, catabolize the metal door and have your hand grab it! Elevate your soul above compromise in Business, Academics, and Social Life. Do not drown in poverty and lack all in the name of being fucking “slow and steady”! No lazy and slow man will make Heaven where Spartans dwell! Go as fast as you can in life without breaking your rib!


  1. Iboro, I’m trying to find peace with the central message – “Only the fast guys win”. Though I agree with you, but be ready to absorb the backlashes that follow deviants!

  2. Mary, I agree with you – The “Black Nations” are filled with so many crazy people sitting and making merry on the hills of conventions. They get so glued to dogmas that hunting knowledge, to them, is a taboo.

    Before I wrote this, I knew the backlash must come. Truth is, I have a black coat that absorbs strokes.

    Thanks for reading and don’t forget to share link with friends.

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