5 Reliable Online Schemes that will pay you big in 2019

Reliable Online Schemes available for Nigerians in 2019.


What if I tell you that you can legitimately make money online in Nigeria, Would you believe such truth from an Online Influencer who has been earning extra income in Nigeria since 2009? Well! If you ever harbour the thought that I did be sticking my ass to some sofa to compile shitty articles and have you brand me an Online Influencer only, you got to be more real!

Without the naira clock ticking, I better be somewhere with mean dudes to struggle for defaced notes. The truth is, anything you see me do on facebook, whatsapp, my blogs and websites are tailored towards getting reasonable alerts multiple times a month; this is the same secret this article will teach you; practical ways of making additional income every week/month. Before you continue reading this realtime documentary, if you think of falling a dullard to folks who often claim of making millions in months, shit out of my blog. But if you’re a realist as I am, and wish to make reasonable additional income every month, keep reading.

My list will take any form, ascending or descending; it’s left for you to judge. The first money I ever made from the internet(far back 2010) came in form of airtime which I only spent 5 minutes on a site (millicent dot whatever) and got N200 (the service has been discontinued – Now mCent Browser). I was marveled that sincere people where still found, at least, on the internet. I bumped in more time, invited people to the site and earned more. There, the doors of opportunities were opened. I was convinced that as long as I could make reasonable amount from millicent, I could make even more elsewhere. The research for opportunities to make money online began.

Steemit (Cryptocurrency)

Sometime in 2017, Victor asked me, “Iboro, are you on steemit?”, Yes, I replied. Even though I had created an account with steemit before then, I wasn’t active on the platform until I discovered a very close ally was benefitting, and it was legitimate. You see? Fear kills more than bullets. I then decided to start posting some of my articles on steemit. I later lost focus again when I didn’t have many followers there who would possible upvote my articles so I could earn some freaking steem dollars and convert it to cash. Early last month, Victor got a clean 10 steem dollars and made the withdrawal in my presence; I was slapped right on the face. I came back that night, wrote articles like hell was dropping and made half of what Victor slapped me with the previous day. Don’t waste your articles on facebook. Sign up for a free steemit account and start making real money online!

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E-trading (My Favourite!)

At present, my highest online income comes from e-trading(selling of products online). One begins to wonder what sought of products I have to sell. I do not own most of these products, neither do I produce them. I ran into a Uduak Henry early this year who opened my eyes to mini importation business which proves to be a very effective strategy in getting “As seen on TV” products for customers.

These are products(mostly from China) that are not commonly seen in local stores in Nigeria; they are very durable and attract very high patronage in the local market. Everyone does not need to import products before making meaningful profit; you can dominate the local market in your niche. If you sow clothes, or make shoes, do not just hang those amazing designs on the counter and have the dust eat them up; people are hungry for sleek designs on the internet; millions of people search for fashion products to buy on daily basis using google. You don’t need a store to start selling.

Platforms exist where you can showcase your products; the good news is, they are all free to use – facebook, whatsapp messenger, twitter, Meka Mall, jiji etcetera. The list is endless.

All you need to do is to take a clear picture of the product you want to sell, write a little description, state your price, and place it on any of the platforms stated above. The good thing on these platforms is that you don’t need to be awake before you sell; the system works for you. Multiple times in a month, I wake up to see CR Alerts, and only have to send the ordered product to the customer. Even if you’re a semi-dullard, you can make money online in Nigeria exploring any of these opportunities.

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Of recent, I noticed I had consistent visits on my blog, so I decided to turn that into an advantage; Instead of advertising my product on other platforms, I added a store section to my blog and have people order products directly there. My book, Programmers on Vacation has the highest hit so far with over 16 downloads in 2 weeks. Not just am I selling these things to make money, but also solving problems.

At times, sales may not come as expected, so other effective methods of making money from my blog still exist. When I need some dollars in my adsense dashboard, I simply have a cold bath, support my back with my pillow and start reflecting on the last thing I saw that wasn’t right. I write about it, and pull my over 10k followers to my blog. If 1k impressions equal 1 dollar(N360), you should know what 10k visits * 30 days mean; at least you didn’t fail all your basic mathematics exams!


“NNU” Sounds like some kind of University; Maybe “Nigerian Negroes University” haha. Hell no! NNU is an Income Programme where participants earn money by reading news, commenting and sharing articles on facebook.

I’ve received multiple alerts from this platform and strongly recommend it for people who wish to make cool money right from the comfort of their room using their phone. Joining the NNU Programme requires that you pay N1,600 (not compared to what you will earn in 1 week). You earn money when you login, read news, comment on news, post news, or share sponsored articles on facebook. If you are able to refer your friend, you earn 1k instantly! You earn N100 per article you share on facebook.

If you’re ready to join this Income Programme and are okay with making payment using your debit card, you can sign up now at the NNU Portal. If you need assistance, reach out to me on WhatsApp – Get my number from the Hire Me page.

Recharge and Get Paid

Recharge and Get Paid (RAGP) is another scheme which pays you for recharging your phone, making data subscription, subscribing your satellite TV, or paying electricity bills via their platform. You earn 2% of what ever you spend on their website, and they even give a sign-up bonus of N1,000 when you register newly.

This is a sleek opportunity for people like me to lick some juice out of the telecommunications industry too. My challenge is that I’ve been too used to *737# – Even when I should break the habit of recharging from my Bank Account, it becomes increasingly difficult.

Though returns from RAGP seems to be low, it could be increasingly profitable for those selling recharge cards or offering subscription services. To begin, Register here – use ‘Ibowills’ as referrer ID

I will review more online opportunities that exist for Nigerians in subsequent articles.

See you online!


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