Welcome to my Online Class!

I am glad you have decided to join my winning team. This is my pre-online class brief!

Iboro William

In less than thirty (30) Minutes from now, you will receive your first lesson from me, so be sure you check your email and write back if you need clarity in any of the areas we will touch today.

By now, you should know exactly what my Online Class is all about. Before I go into details, let me tell you a little about myself. I started pursuing relevance on the internet in 2009. By then, it was a very rough task because I had very little experience and could not afford to hire online tutors – these guys were very expensive to host by then. All I got were junks with spammy headings such as “Follow these example an earn $1,000 daily!”. You and I know that such advert is a lie. It is not so easy to come by $1,000 in a month, not to talk of pulling such amount in one (1) day. All I could do for myself was to learn by trial. I made research, bought eBooks (80% junks) and kept developing myself.

Eleven (11) years later, I am happy with what I have achieved so far. I have acquired assets on the internet that will keep generating money even if I decide to turn off my internet connection for the next 30 days. What gives me this  confidence is the fact that I have diversified my income streams on the internet. These streams include but not limited to Ads Network, ecommerce, eBook publishing, virtual top-up business, affiliate and digital marketing etcetera. For the next seven days (7), I will carefully give you one-on-one lessons on the above areas and how you can setup powerful income streams that will start generating money for you in the next couple of days.

In the course of the lessons, I will be making reference to my eBooks, especially my A-Z of Internet Business. Download them from my eBook Portal and start preparing ahead of time. Many people I coached in recent past are already earning passively and actively from the internet; you should join them in about 7 days. We will continue in few minutes through email.

Best regards!