Programmers on Vacation

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Programmers on Vacation is a Practical Guide (eBook) with Pictorials on how to Design Responsive Websites, with Special Lessons on how to Create an e-commerce Site and Data Portal.

This means, after reading this eBook, apart from gaining expertise in normal Website and Blog Designs, you will also be able to Design Websites like Jumia, Konga and Meka Mall to start your own Online Store in less than 30 minutes. With the Fully Automated Data Portal, you will be able to setup your Portal and start selling MTN Data within an hour. The beauty of the Portal is that everything is on Auto Pilot; You can go to sleep while you keep on receiving Bank Alerts!

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This heck-loaded eBook is a perfect fit even for Dummies! You do not need to write Proramming Languages to Design a Website because there are systems that will help you to do that, and everything is in this eBook!

Who will this eBook Benefit?

This is an all-inclusive pack perfect for anyone who;

  • Does not have knowledge of Website Design.
  • Wishes to Design Websites for people to earn Money.
  • Wishes to setup Responsive Websites within 30 Minutes.
  • Does not have knowledge of any Programming Language, but wants to setup a Website without Hiring a Developer.
  • Wishes to setup a Website to Sell MTN Data on Complete Auto Pilot!
  • Wants to Design e-commerce Websites.

What does Programmers on Vacation Offer?

  • Lesson 1 of the manual introduces you to the software you will use to accomplish your design perfectly without writing any programming language.
  • Lesson 2 tells of things you need to start a website.
  • Lesson 3 focuses on introduction to domain name and hosting – how to buy domain name, where to buy it at a cheap rate, how to buy hosting plan, and where to buy it at a cheap rate.
  • Lesson 4 to 6 deals on the design proper. How to set it up, customise, and make your website go live in less than 30 minutes.
  • Lesson 7 focuses on how to setup an online store with practical steps and pictures.
  • Lesson 8 teaches how to set up a website and sell MTN Data with automated vending system. What this means is that after setting up your data website, you can be asleep while people keep buying and you keep receiving alert without doing anything. This is the peak of the manual, and it is a bonus!

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What you stand to gain

With the software I will introduce you to, you will be able to setup more than 10 websites in a day, and fully design (depending on content) 5 complete website in one day.

Blogs are designed at the rate of between N20,000 to N50,000, while official, business and e-commerce websites cost between N50,000 to N800,000. Imagine the thousands you can make in a day just by possessing the simple knowledge I have embedded in this eBook.

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What if you have difficulty and need Assistance after Buying the eBook?

My eBook is comprehensive and very easy to understand, but I acknowledge the fact that there are people who might still have difficulty understanding some technical areas. If you find yourself in such category, do not worry; after buying my eBook, you will be added to my personal Support Group where I will continually share my tips and help you grow steadily into a Pro Website Designer.

Anyone can be a Web Designer. Don’t just sit on the fence. You can start making significant passive income with the skills you will gain during and after reading this eBook. Take action now!

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