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When I started life on the internet in 2009, I needed mentors who offer beyond what google can give. All I could get were guides to WordPress Development; WordPress is a powerful Web Content Management System (WCMS) that every web designer should master, but there are a million reasons designers should master custom website development.

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What you should know about custom website development

Custom website development is simply the use of popular programming languages to setup web pages and interconnect website functions. Picking up a course in custom website development on a site like udemy is fairly expensive, and most learners may not learn so much within stipulated course period since most online courses are timed. This gap inspired me to build a software that will aid budding website developers and internet entrepreneurs to learn at their pace through seamless, practical and comprehensive course modules.

Introducing you to McBoro Career

McBoro Career is a cloud-based Learning Platform with ten (10) Broad Practical Modules and over twenty (20) Lesson Units you won’t find on Google. We also have up to 50 rare Resource Materials. This App is built by McBoro Enterprise, a registered ICT Firm in Nigeria with RC – 2987568 offering Products and Services in Information Technology.

The learning platform is built and made compatible with Mobile Devices running Android Operating System. iOS and Windows Users will be considered in subsequent versions. Watch the Intro Video below to fully understand how to use the Career App:

How the McBoro Career App works

The Career App is a Mobile Application, and it runs on Android Phones at the moment. To learn custom website development and other soft skills, you  have to download and install the App in your Mobile phone using this link.McBoro Career Once installation is complete, you will have to activate your Career Account by getting an access code if you are a new user.

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What you will get from McBoro Career

  • Website Design Lessons using WCMS.
  • HTML Lessons with practical examples.
  • CSS Lessons with pictorials.
  • Lessons on JavaScript with pictorials.
  • Practical Website Development.
  • Software Development Lessons.
  • Complete Guide to Digital and Affiliate Marketing.
  • Comprehensive Guide on how to earn significant Passive Income Online.
  • Up to 50 Resource Materials you can’t find on Google for further studies.
  • 24/7 Free Technical Support.

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All the Lessons in this sleek App are practical and easy to understand. Since they are hand-crafted by me, I have taken time to document the strategies that work for me in earning passively from the internet, affiliate marketing, web design and custom website development. If you need assistance with your installation or access code, speak with me directly on WhatsAapp.

See you at the top!

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