How to Receive Money from any Country of the World for free

Hey Money Bee!

When last did you offer a service online and wish you were never born in Nigeria? Your answer might be little different from my own. Before now, it was practically difficult to get paid by people who reside outside Nigeria. I once had a Client in Philippines who told me there was no way she could send me Money from Philippines because they had no supported means in their Country where Money could be sent sent to Nigeria apart from PayPal. We finally agreed to go by PayPal, but the woeful limitation placed on Nigerians by PayPal frustrated the effort.

Because I needed to get the money, not just from her, but people in other parts of the World who might have similar difficulty making International Payments without any heavy charge, I discovered this sleek babe; Flutterwave.

Just to know: Registration on Flutterwave is free, but if you use the link I provide on this page to open your free account, I will send you a free eBook on how to generate more money with your free Flutterwave Account. After registering, send a mail to, and I will send your free eBook.

Now lets begin…

What is Flutterwave?

Flutterwave is a Payments Settlement System founded by Iyinoluwa Aboyeji and Olugbenga Agboola in 2014. They serve as Mediator between you and your Client by making it easy for your Client to pay you, while they automatically send the received money (in any kind of currency) to your Local Bank Account. Majorly, if you receive Payment in any currency other than the currency of your Country, they will automatically convert the Money to your default currency and send it to your Bank Account.

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For example, if you are in Nigeria, and you have a Client who is based in Ghana, your client will possibly pay you using their default currency which is Ghanian Cedis. To receive this payment, you need to do nothing from your ends; Flutterwave will receive the money via their Payment Gateway, convert it, and send to your Nigerian Bank Account without any heavy charge. Registration on Flutterwave is free.

How to get Started

Go here, select “As an Individual“, fill the registration form then click “Create Account” On the next screen, verify your Account by providing the Account Details to which your received monies will be sent.

Boom! You are ready to receive payments from people all over the world!

Just before you exit this page…

I acknowledge the fact that you are now ready to receive money from anybody around the Globe, but here is a little more of what you need to know…

How to setup your Account and Receive Money on Flutterwave

Let me assume that you are a Basic User without an online store, and your aim is just to receive money from your Uncle who is in South Africa. This is what you have to do:

  1.  Login to flutterwave, navigate to “Payment Links“> “Create Payment Link“.
  2. Select Payment Type; Single Charge or Recurring. Use Single Charge if you do not want to charge the Payer again at a Specified Period (that is, one time payment). Select Recurring Charge if you want to keep charging your Payer after specified Periods. In this example, we will use “Single Charge“.
  3. Set your Link Name. This can be anything, for example, “My Main Payment Form”. Set the amount you want to receive, write a little description for the payment form such as “School Fees for Second Semester (300 Level)”, set a custom payment link which will look like You can replace your name with anything such as “school-fees”. Follow the the onscreen Instruction to complete the form, then click “Create Link“.
  4. Your Payment form will now appear on your Dashboard. Click “Copy Link” to copy the link to the payment form which should look like this
  5. Send the copied link to the person you want to receive payment from.

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Once you receive a new payment, flutterwave will automatically notify you through email, and send the money the next day to your Bank Account.

There are other methods of receiving money for advanced users which include the use of Barcode, Sales Page, Plugin for Online Stores, and APIs.

Remember, Registration on Flutterwave is free, but if you use the link I provide on this page to open your free account, I will send you a free eBook on how to generate more money with your free Flutterwave Account. After registering, send a mail to, and I will send your free eBook.

Congratulations on your New Global Payment Gateway!

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