1. Hi bro , I am interested in opening a webmoney account as Skrill has left me with negative customer experience with their fraudulent conversion rates. Please, what is webmoney verification process like? Hope it’s not as stressful as Skrill. Thanks for the write-up and your anticipated reply.

  2. Hey Chris, WebMoney setup process is as easy as unwrapping a candy. Just download WebMoney Keeper from playstore and follow this guide to set it up. Conversion rate is a bit stable as compared to Skrill. It’s about 1 WMZ to N345 today. You should however check your exchanger’s website for current conversion rate.


  3. How can I use web money in Nigeria to trade(payment and withdrawal) forex, provided you are trading on an American forex platform,thanks

  4. Hello Dare, there are no specifics to trading with e-currency.

    This entirely depends on your trading platform. If they accept webmoney as a means to fund your trading wallet, then all you would need to do is transfer equivalent WMZ as you’ll need in your wallet to your trader, who will in turn fund your trading wallet.

    I hope this helps.

  5. Hello Aliyu, I’ve done series of transfers without noticing any threshold.

    Last week, I did a 2.35WMZ transfer, and in the previous month, I’ve done transfer as much as 300WMZ.

    I doubt there is a transfer threshold as long as your wallet amount can accommodate transfer charges.


  6. Bro, can you vouch for any of the exchangers? And which reputable exchangers do you currently use? I use Skrill for my international transaction and they charge $6 to process my withdrawals and then pay me at a fraudulent N293 per dollar. If the exchangers are genuine, i will stop using skrill ASAP.

  7. I have been trying to sign up to Web Money since yesterday and till now, they still haven’t sent me a confirmation code. Does it take that long?

  8. Hi Sarah, inability to receive confirmation code could be caused by network downtime. You should check with your provider to be sure there is no routing error. Also be sure you supply your correct mobile number.

    If problem persist, try signing up using a new number from a different service provider.

    Best regards.

  9. Hello, I’m trying to set up a WebMoney account. I just have a few questions.

    1. Does it require ID and address verification before or after transactions like skrill? If yes, is NIMC slip acceptable?

    2. What is the transaction fee for sending to other wallets, since it can only be converted to naira through exchangers.

    3. Could you please list 3 exchangers you’ve used in the past, so I can make my research on them.


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