How to Live Big in 2019

How to live big in 2019

I remember visiting Shop and Save in 2013 when I was still undergoing Teacher Training. I had come to Uyo to spend the weekend, and perhaps return at the close of service on Sunday. Necessity took me to the popular Divine Favour Shop and Save Mall at Ikot Ekpene Road, about 2 kilometres away from Ibom Plaza.
When I arrived the Mall, I filled my “humble cart” with the most important things I needed to return to the College with, when some hefty guys walked down the pay point with a cart filled to the brink. While I was still trying to pile up cash, and settle my N4,000+ bill, the cashier suddenly made a shift in attention to the rather unruly and ill mannered guys who could not even join the queue.
“Excuse me ma’am, I was here before them” effused from my mouth unconsciously. “Please hold on” is all she could comfort me with. The supposed leader of the triad initiated the payment and had the cashier keep the change. Huh! This world has ended! I muttered within me. I summed up courage to make my payment even amidst the cashier’s unwanted apology.
When I left the Mall, it occurred to me that I have seen other people pass through such embarrassing shit, all because of the beast called ‘personality cult‘. Truth is, nobody is superior to another; the only difference that exist is between those who choose to live big, and those who choose to be beggars. Most ill-informed persons still attribute wealth to landed property and fat bank account balance; living big is far beyond that! Wealth is not measured with any scale beyond the abstract. Being wealthy is entirely an internal issue which is made bare as a result of living big.

The most popular advice I offer friends is to deal with negative mindset. Obviously, this is the foremost thing to be done if one must live big. Nothing really exist outside the mind. Poverty and Wealth are incubated there; what you get out of life solely depends on the one you choose. Keeping the mind active and positive is the only formula to self-fulfillment. Visualize success, and success will come. Think of poverty, dream of it only when you are prepared to beg.

Keeping the mind active and positive is the only formula to self-fulfillment.

Tr. Iboro William

Make Plans

Self-fulfillment is never achievable when all one does is to sleep, and sleep, and sleep, without using the brain to draw up both short and long term plans to better tomorrow. I have a friend who talks more of success, teach people about success, pile up books on financial management and entrepreneurship, but goes back to sleep and complain of how the government of Mister Buhari is not favouring him and the South.

Obviously, this is a poverty mentality. Merely talking about success, and imprinting it on t-shirts does not earn one any Naira. Making plans for financial multiplicity is as simple as having N1,000 and thinking of ways to increase it to N1,200. The birth of hardship in any country should be a great opportunity for wealth creation to any enterprising mind. When you analyze the problems of people around you, and think of ways to solving those problems, you are simply laying the foundation for financial multiplicity.

The birth of hardship in any country should be a great opportunity for wealth creation to any enterprising mind.
Tr. Iboro William

Multiply your Money (Invest)

Taking of risk incorporates all the decisions you make in the race of financial multiplicity. It could be on where to invest your seed capital, how to invest, and what to do before and after investing.

Let’s assume that you have N2,000, then you walk into a Mall, buy Bangles which are mosquito repellants at the rate of N200 each, you must have succeeded in buying 10 bangles with the N2,000. Now sell the bangles to Students who read at night in the University of Uyo at the rate of N300 each. You must have succeeded in converting N2,000 to N3,000 in one night. Try this for 1 month in the 3 Campuses in Uyo, and smile home with about N27,000 every month.

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Do not only wish to live big, your pocket must be “big” too. Without being ready to invest, returns must not be expected. For you to live big, you must have something to fall back to; investments, assets, and what have you.

Do not only wish to live big, your pocket must be “big” too. Without being ready to invest, returns must not be expected.
Tr. Iboro William


Give to the poor

There is more fulfillment in giving to people who are genuinely in need, than paying a fat tithe to a pastor who is already cruising Mercedes Benz S-Class; such is an obsolete method of giving. Free-will giving pays better. A persistent single route directional gift to the rich is an indirect appeal for favour. Unfortunately, the ‘rich’ is aware of this; that’s how they distinguish between beggars and others.

If you must live big, you must give to people for whom you are rich.

Bible (Proverbs 22:16).

Stay off debt

So many people are living an unhappy life in the cause of living big. Some are living in debt just to wear the dream cloth, rent the dream apartment, and drive a rented Ferrari. Align your plans with available resources, and tie your satisfaction to your achievements, not your bank account.

Debt is the currency of the poor, if you must save your ass, avoid it by all cost!

Tr. Iboro William

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