How Rimplates helped me transform my Airtime Portal

I started in 2019 after learning about e-commerce and API automations. It was hardwork for me as I dripped red trying to understand complex WordPress Codex.

I had a major breakthrough in 2021 with the 100% automation of our Airtime and Data Portals. This brought higher patronage and customer loyalty as ordered values got delivered automatically even in my sleep.

Between 2020 and 2021, I received major feedbacks about the navigation system on my Airtime Portal; first, it was from almighty Google. This would not have been a concern but for the fact that I was fighting for a better seat in Google’s “Hall of Fame” – Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) of course!

Old Airtime Portal on
Old Airtime Portal on
This was followed by direct user feedbacks. My navigation system did not fit-in well on devices below 640px. The guys with screens below 640px had tough time with click flow. This was devastating and ineffective for about 7% daily users of my Airtime Portal.

The Problem


I needed a ready-made system to build a suitable dashboard effective enough to keep me in business. I tried out Elementor, then migrated to Beaver Builder. These two guys did a great job in offering robust templates, but with minimal attention to what is lost in the process – speed! This is essential to SEO, and running a VTU portal without giving SEO a soft spot is unwise. I could not continue with the supposedly big guys, and had to shut the door behind them.

How I came across Rimplates

Earlier this year, I saw some Rimplates hashtags on Facebook, but decided to scroll pass. The blue App had a way of forcing me to see the update again, so I headed to Load2Earn to give it a shot.

New dashboard on, powered by Rimplates
New dashboard on, powered by Rimplates

What you should know about Rimplates

The idea of a “page builder” came to mind when I first made use of the software. It sat beautifully on the backend of my site, radiating hued warmth on the front end using a simple short code.

Rimplates is a powerful PHP-based software designed to run on WordPress ecosystem, providing premium add-ons and making it possible to create and manage sleek dashboard with just few clicks. This is a powerful addition to the web development industry, as developers can now design and deploy Dashboard/Portals for Schools, Government Agencies, Online Forums, and Job/Application Portal.

The clear benefits of powering your pages with Rimplates are niche-specific professionalism, improved page load speed and easy navigation.

How to Install Rimplates on your Website

  1. Login to the backend of your self-hosted WordPress Website.
  2. Using the left navigation panel, navigate to Plugin>Add New.
  3. Type “Rimplates” into the search field at the top right edge of the page.
  4. Click Install, Activate to deploy your Rimplates Package.

The Rimplates software is free and open source. A complete zip package can be downloaded for standalone deployment on WordPress Plugin Repository through

Creating your first Template

To display your first Dashboard on the frontend, you must first create a Template. Templates hold the style, colouration and structure of your dashboard.

To begin, log-in to your WordPress backend. Navigate to “Rimplates Template” on the left Panel and Click Add New.

The process is almost automatic, apart from the fact that you need to set the following parameters:

Template – Leave this at “Default”.

Small Title – This is a 3-letter string that will show at the top of your navigation bar on small screens.

Default Page – This is the first page that will be shown when your Rimplate Page is loaded. It can be called the “Main Page”.

Sidebar Menu is the menu you wish to display on your dashboard page. To learn how to create menu in your WordPress site, see this lesson on WP Beginner.

Header Text is the page title that will show on large screens.

Company dashboard profile picture is a simple image that will be displayed after header text. This can be the logo of your company or any random image that supports your niche.

Footer Copyright – Apart from donating to Rimplates for building a super dashboard programme and keeping it free and open source, you can use this footer box to notify your users that the page was built using Rimplates! You can also put up any random text there.

I did a quick test and noticed HTML codes are automatically stripped when added. Keep your footer copyright message short and simple!

Once you are done with the basic setup, click “Publish” to show your dashboard to the world!

What is the future of Rimplates?

Don’t click “deactivate” if the current version 1.0.4 does not meet your needs. John, the founder of Nellalink, the tech firm behind Rimplates showed so much resolve to “bring more” when he responded to my mail on what WordPress users should expect from a hued Rimplates.
The Code Lord is improving Rimplates to make it “a click away” software. In the next couple of months, it will be possible to activate a complex HRM system or School Management System (SMS) just by clicking a button!
In 2019, I made this documentary on how to open a Webmoney Account in Nigeria, Manage your Webmoney Dollars and wire same to a Nigerian Bank Account. Just before you close your browser, have a read!

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