How Energies break Curses

“Every human hates condemnation the same way nature does.”

Tr. Iboro William

It was a rainy day, and evenings get so drowsy especially when looking through the window of a pro bachelor; the kind who can not finish 5kg of cooking gas in 5 months… Haha.
I decided to take a different dimension, and have the cold thrill my skin. Directly opposite my door sat a big fan and good neighbour; she loves what I do and reads them to the last line as they drop. I felt guilty that despite making unconventional advice my routine, I never dealt with the daring monster, “negative energies” in a separate page.

“It is not a curse, the mind is suffering rot!”

I have a boss cum “Iron Monkey” who sees shitty hell in all my efforts, silence, and mental calculations; he condemns every bit of it – the same effort Spartans applaud which earns me 5-figures in alert multiple times a month. Because he sees shit in productive efforts, no matter how good my intentions are, and how hard I push, he keeps seeing the same results even when others see victory, or at least, an impressive attempt.

My big fan neighbour treads the path of my Iron Monkey boss. She is fat, and suffers the load as she walks pass the door. She has a problem; she thinks she’s been cursed.

“If it is not the rain, it will be lack of fare; I know, this is my fate. Father Lord, take away every curse o. Hmmm”

Huh!?? Her prayer on a rainy day? Yes!

I felt like slapping her fat chick, but Spartans don’t do such. My big fan neighbour had prepared to meet an “unfortunate” acquaintance who had fixed an appointment with her earlier. She had a small umbrella, but had a bigger problem of covering her flowing blue gown to the last inch. She dared nature with a small umbrella and came back soaked the next hour. It was sad… I could hear her lament her woes as she stuck her ass to the general pavement. She’s angry with nature, her family, and herself for “always” being the unfortunate one. She kept shaping her universe with negative energies.

Negative energies exist as much as positive energy does. What shapes our world is our mind. It configures our mentality, and attracts mostly what we earnestly desire into our universe. Getting it wrong shouldn’t be given the “hero” tag; it happens to the least of us. Encountering difficulties or failure doesn’t earn one “curse” medals; it is not something historic, and should not be given that honour. Bad things happen even to gods; they face challenges, and at some points feel helpless. When bad things happen, it is not a time to give up or wet the floor; rather, it is a clear signal that something “old” needs to be done in a new way; an attitude needs to be changed, a mind needs to be reformed, a tongue needs to be guarded, mediocrity needs to be abolished!

Bad things happen to sad people often than the happy folks. This isn’t black magic, it is the mindset. Your mind doesn’t understand the language of humans, but understands the law of attraction. The mind is a slate whose content is written with our thoughts. When failure or bad fortunes are visualised nothing less than a woeful universe should be expected. Mould the mind with the right thoughts, and brace it with feelings of abundance and success.

A student who visualises failure ends up pulling the Fs and Ds when others who may not sacrifice half of his study time are graciously pulling the As and Bs. When you condemn who you are, nature stops working in your favour. When all you confess, believe, and act upon are built on the base of negativity, nothing positive should be expected. Your mind attracts the things you experience every fucking day of your life. It gets worse when all you visualise is failure, sickness, accident, hatred, and all sort of shitty things! First, they show up in your dream in different forms, and you tell it to a prophet the next day! Visualise all that is comely and beautiful, and never ever seek the “beast” part of nature.

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Associate with happy people who see no big deal in getting it wrong, but are constantly pushing for something higher, something bigger, and something worthwhile!

“Never ever seek the “beast” part of nature”

Tr. Iboro William


  1. I have never been this pricked by a single article. Iboro, you have elevated my spirit!

  2. My boyfriend recommended a book – The Law of Attraction. I couldn’t get it at the local bookshops. I’ve seen you’ve made reference to it here. Please can you make a recommendation on where to buy in Abak?

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