Formula 6: The recommended Extra Income Strategy you should know in 2020

For some days now, I have been trying out new habits in a familiar way to see if I would feel much different. I have always had my way in the past getting out of bed, but the “Special Camp” experience here in Northern Nigeria is helping me learn new things.
Before now, I’d get my alarm to ring, then I soak the beeper in water while pulling up my blanket till my bed rejects my warmth. By then, I felt I’d slump if I dare get out of bed; I never tried to break the routine to taste new validation. This was a really bad idea.
Just last week, I started crossing the 5th Pavilion. I told myself, “Let me slump and taste the Hades”; I was all out for the cold and early morning debility. Instead of a ruthless blow, I saw myself conquering my dreads. This is the formula that applies to Business Success. Most often, we visualize ourselves weaker than we really are. We think we are useless and can’t achieve a thing. We see failure at the onset of success. This is how bad we rate ourselves.
At age 16, when Richard Brownson started publishing through his local Magazine outfit, he did not know where he was headed until he setup a mail-order record business in 1970. Success seems so far from people who do not try to be successful at all. The beauty of business success is that as you start implementing ideas you have at heart, you start understanding what you are doing.
When you feel you are so weak or not so good enough to set into the cold, you might wallow in destructive “warmth”. When Mark started his first Campus Connect website, he was simply having fun using his basic programming skills. The vision got clearer as he kept using his skills consistently. Dangote started selling candy in his classroom at a very tender age. This was a boy whose great grandfather (Alhassan Dantata) was the richest man in West Africa as at 1955. Dangote, just like other rich kids would have decided to bury his desire to become successful by growing fat, rather, he sacrificed his early morning warmth and went into the cold. This is what success demands.
You cannot break records or become a world changer without trying. You can’t try without daring, and you can’t dare without fucking telling yourself “kill it!”
Success is for the brutal minds. No matter where you stand, you desire financial liberty. This cannot come if you do not have a million naira job or investment. You can start anywhere. You can sell something or offer a service.
My friend, Mfonobong Pius produces and sells Perfumes. She is the most successful indigenous perfume producer in Akwa Ibom State (as at March, 2020). When she started, she used containers resembling Biro Pens, today, she has broad heart-shaped anti-corrosive containers and commendable artworks on her Perfume packs. Just to know, she sells up to 500 bottles in 60 days.
Mfong Pius
Mfonobong Pius (Middle) with her Customers.

John Mfon is another brutal mind I know. He has special programming skills and builds responsive websites and mobile applications. John earns up to N100,000 in 30 days.

John Mfon
John Mfon in his Office

You can join the trend even if you do not know where to start. I have documented the practical things that work for me in my Career App.

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