Five (5) things you should not lack at 30

30 years is a pretty long period for those much younger than me, but a brief epoch for those advanced than myself.
As a teenager, I mapped out so many beautiful feats I would actualize before the age of 30. Most of these feats have already become reality, while some are still budding. I remember juxtaposing a humble and Godly home for age 27 – a threshold I hit with my heels 2 months ago.Dreams come to fruition as much as unplanned variables interact with the universe to create our realities. One may wonder what the standards for age 30 should be… Maybe, a good source of income, wife and children?
While these standards may not be universal or tied to any age group, below are some things every youth getting to 30 should strive to attain.

1. Good Source of Income:


Responsibilities grow with age. As you advance out of teenage life, expectations of people around you spring up. There will be times your siblings would hinge so much hope on you even when you still have active and capable parents. Most times, the needs of others do not listen to our emotions – it’s either you meet it or get kicked.
The period you’re done with high school or still an undergraduate is the best time to start planning how the rest of your life would be and back such plan with creative actions. I was 25 when I started my first functional “offline” business. If you’re the career “Bob”, you should draw your path before 30. Develop yourself so you’ll be a perfect fit for your choice industry.

If you’re 30 and still “poor”, you might be disfigured for the rest of your life.

2. People you listen to:

Parental influence is stronger at infant and teenage periods. A 30 year old who couldn’t be influenced positively by the parents in 3 decades is more complex to transform than Abubakar Shekau. The most relevant agents of change in the society are Family, School and Church. If these 3 units are exhausted without tangible positives, then the individual is doomed.

I know people who were doing well in life when they were members of a Church than when they left to become freethinkers. I am in no way insinuating that “good life” is tied to Godly devotion – there are many atheists who are changing the world. But truth is, if you can’t succeed as a devoted child of God, you can’t have good success as an atheist. What the Church does in this regard is to present you with the opportunity to learn from successful people who are members of your congregation – you have the opportunity of interacting with success; inhaling success and becoming successful!

You need a pastor you love and respect. Some people who can’t listen to their parents or spouse tend to be submissive to their pastor. This is nature’s way of checking excesses that are not curable at the family level.

At 30, you should have mentors you love and respect. During the #EndSars online protest last month, an Akwa Ibom youth we fought for and secured his release during his incarceration by the government was lured to collect bribe on behalf of the “youths”. More than 10,000 people gave him backlashes which pushed him into depression. When I was about lending my voice, Engr. Emmanuel reached out and advised me not to push him into further depression, so I had to delete an article I spent time to gather facts before writing.

Your life can not be better if you think you’re a lion and can devour anyone and anything. If you don’t have people that can question your actions and administer discipline, voluntarily submit yourself to one so your life can be better.

3. Expert Knowledge about something:

Aside from learning about God and His creation which is fundamental to every human, don’t celebrate your 30th birthday if you’re not a geek at something. School system such as the one we witness in Nigeria will not give you everything you need to succeed.

In 2009, I started setting up 3rd party web pages on free servers. Today, I have pro knowledge in WordPress Development, Android Application Development, Blog and eCommerce Website Development.

Knowledge doesn’t run to fools; fools run to knowledge and become wise. Invest more in yourself. Attend trainings and enroll for courses. Use your one year rent as fee for a training programme. If your landlord ejects you, go to your Church and live for one year. It is better to suffer for one year while acquiring a lifelong skill than to enjoy for one year and become irrelevant later.

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4. A suitable companion:

If you’re 30 and yet to marry, the message is simple – GO AND MARRY. Many blessings accompany a Godly relationship. While I was still serving at Kebbi State, Hope, a longstanding friend and College mate called and informed me that he is married with a child. To hit my auditory meatus the more, he informed me that “he is now a Pastor”. I started verbalising “tubla kaka koko indasuki!”. Hope was the least of all my friends I thought would settle for Fulltime Religious Devotion.

Another dude who has eaten this wild apple is Iniabasi. He was struggling with his home lesson business at the community level. When he met Mfon, a damsel from his community, they both had strong convictions and decided to marry. Today, they own a private school in Ekpene Ukim.

One “hungry” brain can never be better than two good brains pursuing the same thing.

5. Friends that inspire:

One of the old lies that was handed to the twenty-first century folks is that keeping many friends is dangerous. I have gone through books of wisdom to ascertain how having wise and productive friends is bad, but I have not seen any piece from a scholar. What my conviction has rather taught me is that there exist more to benefit from a connected world.

In 2012, my friend, Ukeme reconciled my class with a furious lecturer because of me. In 2014, my friend, Etido hinted me about a planned physical attack while I was contesting as President in my department in College. In 2015, my friend, Unyime slowed down the submission of a Term Paper until I submitted mine. In 2016, my friend, Mfon introduced me to Template Conversion in WordPress.

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Between 2017 and 2020, my friends, Ezekiel, Godswill, Ekemini, Nyah, Priscilla, Nsidibe and a lot of others I may not recall now recommended me for opportunities that changed my life.

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If I continue with the list, I won’t have time to put things in place for a productive day tomorrow at McBoro. The summary of my message is, “If you’re getting to 30 years and yet to actualize any of these concerns, beat your chest with your right hand and say, 30 will not meet me unchanged!”.

Have a very colourful Sunday evening!


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