Earn up to N1,000 daily through VTU Business

I am pretty sure you are already exploring the many opportunities I presented to you yesterday on how to earn N36 per thousand impression on Opera News Hub. If you are not doing so, you are missing out. Goodnews Andy, one of my ardent followers has already sent me screenshot of her Article Performance on Opera News.

Today, I will show you how I am earning through Virtual Top-up (VTU) Business. If you are following me on any Social Media, you might have noticed that I am into VTU Business already.

Virtual top-up is the act of selling products and services as a vendor through a telecommunication service provider; the most popular VTU products are Airtime and Data Bundles. In this lesson, I will deal more on Data Bundles without totally neglecting Airtime.

At the moment, I am a VTU Agent and I dispense SME Data Bundles on MTN Network. This is my favourite network because they offer Data Bundles at unbelievable low rates. I remember getting a suspicious stare from Collins the day I told him I sell 1GB MTN Data Bundle at N400. He only believed when I sent the data to him and he actually used it to browse to confirm its authenticity. I make between N50 to N100 per N500 worth of Data Bundle that I sell. From my calculation, If I make 10 sales in a day, I make close to N1,000. In the course of this lesson, I will also show you how to sell other Services which are on high demand on the VTU Platform. Let’s get started.

How to become a VTU Vendor

  1. Register on Load2Earn.com for FREE.
  2. Fill the Reseller Form here and pay annual access fee of N1,000 to have your VTU Vendor Account activated.
  3. Download the Data Reselling App here (Android Users only; non-android users have to use the web version) then sign in with your Load2Earn Login details to start sending Data Bundles to your Customers.
Why you need a Reseller Account on Load2Earn
The essence of this lesson is to show you how to earn significantly as a VTU Agent. Without filing the Resellers’ Form and making the annual payment of N1,000, you can still buy cheap sme data bundles from Load2Earn, but you will not have access to the discount portal. For example, 1GB MTN Data Bundle on Load2Earn is N400 (as at August, 2020), but it is N350 on the discount portal. Only Registered Resellers can access the Discount Portal.Also read: Discover how to earn N36 per thousand impression from your articles for lifeHow Load2Earn VTU Platform works
Load2Earn operates a Wallet system where Regular Users and Resellers can fund using their Debit Card or Direct Bank Transfer. This fund is thereafter used to make transactions on the platform.

Apart from sending Airtime and Data Bundles to your customers on Load2Earn, you can also use it to Pay Cable TV subscription, Fund Betting Wallets (such as Bet9Ja, Cloudbet, NairaBet and SupaBets) for yourself or customers. If you are funding Betting Wallet or Paying for Cable TV Subscription for your customer, you may charge them N100 to N200 service charge per funding operation.

There is no limit to how much you can earn as a VTU Agent. If you need your own VTU Website so you control your prices, speak with me now so I setup a VTU Website for you.

If you have further inquiries to make concerning VTU Business, kindly leave a comment below or chat with me on WhatsApp.

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