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iRefer Income Programme.

I made my first N100,000 through Website Design. This article will introduce you to a system that will give you a similar advantage even if you are not a Web Designer. All you need are listed below:

  1. Smart Phone or PC with Internet Connection
  2. Ability to tell someone “You need this…”
  3. Determination

A close check on the list above shows that the only hardware you need is a Smartphone. The rest are your ability to convince yourself that you are ready to murder mediocrity and start earning significant Income Online.

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See my one day earning from Affiliate Marketing in the Screenshot below:

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Now, let’s do a little mathematics; As I charge people a minimum of N30,000 to setup a blog for them, then I pay you N3,000 (10%) for giving me one paying client, how much would you make in a week if you simply introduce my Web Design Service to 3 of your friends, and they contract me to setup a Blog for them? That would be N6,000 wired directly to your Bank Account without you having to do anything, apart from telling your friend “Hey, Iboro can setup a Blog for you!”. Let us go further to assume that your 3 friends are company Owners, and they order for the Design of a Company Website which I charge a minimum of N50,000. You would be making N5,000×3 which equals N15,000 in one week just for telling your friend about my services!

Now, let me tell you more about iRefer Income Programme.

Claim my #1 Recommended Opportunity and start Earning Extra Income in 5 Minutes!

iRefer Income Programme is an Affiliate Marketing Opportunity through which you can make significant Extra Income just by telling your friends about any of My Services.

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Before we proceed, take a look at this One Month Affiliate Earning on Amazon.

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There is great earning potential in Affiliate Marketing, and the earning potentials are unlimited.

I pay anyone who refers others to pay for any of my services.

How iRefer Income Programme Works

  1. Access all the Services I offer with Prices in my Hire Page.
  2. Tell your friends about any of the Services I offer.
  3. When they are willing to pay for any, get the money from them, pay me 90% and keep your 10%.

If you seriously talk to your friends about those services, you can make a steady passive income without lifting a finger.

How to Advertise My Services and get paid

There are hundreds of ways you can advertise any of My Services to get more paying clients and increase you affiliates earnings. Here are some of the recommended popular ways:

Write a Little Description about any of My Services and share with your friends. For example, to advertise Web Design Service, make a short post in this format:

“Hi Friends, if you are a Business Owner without a Business Website, you are losing a lot of customers, and your revenue generation is at the bottom. You can generate more leads and increase sales if you have a Website to take your products and services online.

My Team can help you setup a Professional Website at a very low rate. Contact me now, or respond to this post.”

After making the post above, post it on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, NairaLand and other Social Media Platforms. When an interested person contacts you, use the price list at https://iborowilliam.org/hire to negotiate the price, or contact me to take it up from there for you while you still earn your assured iRefer 10% Commission.

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Make Short Promotional Pictures

Most people do not like reading lengthy posts. They prefer viewing pictures. To maximize your iRefer Affiliate earning, make use of your Android Photo Editor to create captivating Promotional Pictures. View Example below:

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Make Short Promotional Videos

If you are versatile with the use of Video Maker on PC, you can use it to achieve this purpose. There are also tons of Intro Makers on PlayStore for Android Phones. You can use them to make short clips about my services, upload to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms to attract clients and keep earning. There is also a Web-based Platform (wave.video) with hundreds of short Promotional Videos; edit any, start sharing to keep earning!

For example, check out this short Promotional Video I made using Intro Maker:

Apart from making use of these 3 most effective methods of online adverts, do not forget to make use of Words of Mouth to reach out to your friends and family.

Free Website Builder

Specify what you want your Domain Name to be. For example, www.yourname.com.

Free Website Builder

Specify the category of your Website. This builder is only limited to 3 Categories. For other Website Categories, please contact me.

Free Website Builder

Upload the preferred Logo for your Website and Write a brief Description of what your site is all about. If you have more than one image, hold down the shift key on your PC to select all and upload.

Free Website Builder

Let me know more about you.

  • Domain
  • Category
  • Site Logo and Description
  • Personal Details

Domain Name

Indicate your preferred Domain Name

Website Category


Site Logo

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Site Description

Site Description


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