Burn your Umbrella: The Ultimate Success Equation

Ultimate Success Equation.

Your umbrella is that shit, that deep shit that makes you feel you’ve reached self-actualization. Get hold of it, and send it to hell!

Excuses abound in the lips of humans; some say I lack the resources, I lack the skill, I lack the right connection. All these lack spree are flimsy excuses which are not in the success equation; attaining success is as simple as making the right decision at the right time. Remember, wealth is solely an internal affair, and not measured with riches only. Humans turn poor the moment they feel they are rich. This is because feeling rich is the wrong feeling; it is never a feeling that growing individuals should have. The right feeling should be that there is a decision you’re yet to make; there is an opportunity you’re yet to explore; there is a problem you’re yet to solve! Yes! Success comes in feeling that way.

“Feeling rich is the wrong feeling”

Tr. Iboro William

Anything or condition that earns you the feeling of being rich should be sent to hell. It could be an attitude; it could be the rich fat Ben. A sugar daddy could be the reason you have dumped your intellectual energies in search of some freaking currency. Your boyfriend could be the reason you’ve not yet discovered who you are, because the feeling of having some teddy-bear bomb your account with some shitty naira rips you of that opportunity! Depending on Mummy’s food at 25 could be worse.

As difficult as it is to burn our bed of pleasure, so is success difficult to attain, but as easy as it is to make the right decision when opportunity calls, so is success easy to attain. Two years ago, in order to buy a dispatch bike for my company which seemed to be a mirage, I had to leave my comfort zone. I rented an apartment in a place so far from home and friends; people thought I had mental issues; no, I didn’t! I needed to pose a challenge; I needed to make it tough! “How come I get what I want or something similar when I’m in dire need?” I asked myself before boarding the cap that took me off Uyo Metropolis in search of the apartment. After struggling with intercity transit for some weeks, I got a radical inspiration on how to get what seemed to be a mirage, and I got it! I deploy my whole intellectual energies to talking a challenge when I am faced with one.

If you want to taste success, do what the success equation demands. Preparation must meet opportunity; when they meet, the right decision must be made. How prepared are you? The journey to success starts when you’re ready to ply the rough terrain. If you want to walk under the rain, burn your freaking umbrella! If you want to swim across an ocean, burn down the freaking bridge! If you want to invest in your future, burn the freaking pleasure! Rid yourself of any attitude that goes contrary to the success equation. If you must think right, burn the poverty mentality! If you must remain prudent, run away from wastage. Live below your means, while seeking to increase your means. Returns may not be immediate, but the feeling of wealth will be abundant!

The journey to success starts when you’re ready to ply the rough terrain

Tr. Iboro William

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