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The Bible of a Spartan (Paperback & eBook)

The Bible of a Spartan is a nonfictional diary, capturing adventures in my Emotional and Financial Realms, with six deep lessons every African needs to succeed.

My early growth process was very challenging, but going through this diary will help you understand the Spartan ideology and how it helped me to overcome my limitations. You’ll also learn from and avoid my mistakes while paying attention to the things that work.

Today, I’m successful and fulfilled. My secrets and step-by-step guide that will help you become rugged, successful and rich are carefully documented in this book.

This diary aims to awaken the Spartan ideology in Africa. My tone might be humane at some point, but brutal as you read on. When you encounter both, understand that they are the capsules you need to grow.

I hope to put 1 million copies of this diary in the hands of Africans before the end of 2025.

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Programmers on Vacation (eBook)

This is the first piece I released on practical website development. The eBook covers 7 practical lessons on how to setup your website in matter of minutes using the world’s most powerful content management system without writing a single line of code. I have also added practical lessons on how to setup an online store such as Konga and Jumia. The last lesson (lesson 7) covers practical steps on how to setup a virtual top-up (VTU) website such as
The lessons are priceless and I have taken time to include pictorials that will aid your study.

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A-Z of Internet Business – The Master Piece Edition (eBook)

I have taken time to comprehensively treat everything you need to know about internet business and how to setup an income stream that will keep generating money for you even when you are sleeping.
The steps are practical, easy and cost almost nothing to implement. The secrets embedded in this eBook are effectively working for me and the assurance I give people who buy this special piece is a 30-day money back guarantee if you implement my recommendations and they do not work.

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Basic Website Design Training Module – A Comprehensive Guide to Practical Website Design (eBook)

Just like my first publication on Website Design, Basic Website Design Module offers practical strategies to Website Design. While Programmers on Vacation emphasizes Website Design without coding, this piece is more fundamental to everyone who wishes to build a Career in Web Design. The basics have been covered with illustrative pictorials.
All lessons are in steps and all you are indebted to is open this manual and follow through the steps to setup a powerful and responsive website.

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