13 Top business Ideas you can start with less than N10,000 in Nigeria

13 Top Business Ideas you can start with less than N10,000 to earn extra Income in Nigeria.

There are thousands of opportunity to earn extra income in Nigeria. White collar jobs, especially in the Nigerian context do not play out well – They are hard to find, and bosses are difficult to please; except you’re pleasing yourself. 4 years in the Varsity means nothing if you come out and still wait for the “miracle day” which may not be available to all – Millions of people graduate on yearly basis, but jobs are not increasing. The best path to follow is that of entrepreneurship.

I’ve compiled top business ideas that will require little or no capital to start in Nigeria, and the things you need to get started in order to earn extra income. As you go through the list, I hope to see you at the top soon!

Poultry Farm
Poultry Farm is one of the most lucrative agro business any rising entrepreneur can go into in Nigeria. Apart from its flexibility and high returns, it is easy to setup with little technical requirement. Though this requires a little capital, it is not usually a bad idea to start with one or two cartons of day old chicks, and watch them grow and mature in less than 6 weeks.
Basic Requirements:

  • Day old chicks
  • Poultry House
  • Bags of Feed (starter)
  • Riveted feed and plastic water containers
  • Room heater
  • Few drugs (bought at veterinary stores)

Yam Farming
Yam consumption in Nigeria is high. In the part of the world I come from, the consumption is even higher – You can seize this opportunity to start earning extra income. All you need to start planting yam are:

  • Bulblets (yam head)
  • A piece of land
  • Shovel

After planting, what next? Eat some, sell the rest… End of story!

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Plantain Plantation
Planting Plantain is like a hidden jackpot in Nigeria. It is very easy to maintain the plantation. Weed seems to be the only thing that should be taken care of. Though issues of security is also a concern. Hence, a plantation must be well secured either with a perimeter fence, gallant dog, or the presence of a security man. Plantain gives very high returns, although the returns come either once or twice a year depending on the size of your plantation.
Basic Requirements:

  • Plantain suckers
  • Land
  • Fertilizer

People are suffering without knowing what to do. During my sister’s traditional marriage in my village, we had issues of termite; we discovered they had destroyed the rafters of our family house since no one was steadily residing there. I had to checkup the net for anyone that was offering fumigation services, but I couldn’t get someone that was close to our location.

If you have a good knowledge of the combination of those chemicals, setup a facebook page, it’s free. Let people know that you can offer such service.
Basic Requirements:

  • Chemicals
  • Sprayer
  • Respirator

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Computer Services
If you can use MS Word, Corel Draw or Spreadsheet, you shouldn’t remain unemployed. There are many establishments that need your services. I’m not saying you should start submitting applications for employment, rather, strategize and settle where your services are needed; set up a computer centre.
Basic Requirements:

  • Laptop or Desktop
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • Generator

Start a Driving School
If you can drive a car, there are many people to which you can pass the knowledge. Good enough if you have your own car; one is enough. Start a driving school. Don’t be scared by “school”. It’s easy to setup. Get a location, service your car and be sure your engine is in good condition to avoid disappointment. Start telling people about it.
Basic Requirements:

  • Driving skill
  • Car
  • Operational Permit from FRSC.
  • Red L.

Advert Services
You don’t need to be “NTA” to advertise. If you have good number of followers on facebook or twitter, and you know what it takes to keep them engaged, walk into the superstore in your street, discuss with the manager that you can give him more customers by advertising his products. I bet you, if you have 5 clients paying you 10k each per month, you won’t go hunting for white-collar jobs again. With this, you can earn steady extra income in Nigeria either on weekly or monthly basis.
Basic Requirements:

  • Smart Phone
  • Social Media Account, Blog or Website
  • Good number of followers

Catering Services
If you can cook very well, you should not do it for your stomach only. Get a decent kitchen and start turning your passion into money!

Tell your family and friends that you can be supplying them processed food whenever they have ceremonies, cakes and other baked products for birthdays, wedding, school party and other social events. I bet you, 3 months into this, you won’t have time for yourself again because of the hundreds of clients you will have to satisfy.

When setting up your kitchen, I advise that you prioritize hygiene, good customer relation and good taste. You can’t keep customers if you lack any.
Basic Requirements:

  • Good cooking skill
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Others

Tutoring Services
Ability to read and write in English is a big bonus in any society. If you posses good teaching skills, you can pickup tutoring jobs for kids or adults and teach them at convenience, not only in grammar, but any other course you’re fluent at. Some online platforms even afford you the opportunity to sign up as a teacher and merge you with students for offline contact based on your area of specialty and earn money. Though some Western Countries require that you possess a licence before you teach, the situation is different in Nigeria.
Basic Requirements:

  • Professional Training
  • Teaching License
  • Good knowledge of subject matter

Web Design and related services
If you master the workings of some CMS such as wordpress, you can go into web design. You don’t need to be a programmer to design websites. There are many manuals that can put you through the basics of web design. I recommend Programmers on Vacation.
After exhausting the content, you will start designing websites for people to earn extra income. If you have the skill already, put it to work.
Basic Requirements:

  • Knowledge of Hosting
  • Knowledge of at least one CMS
  • Knowledge of Domains and how they work(All these can be gotten in Programmers on Vacation – Download Now)

Laundry Services
Everyone needs the starch. First, learn how to wash; I’m sure mummy taught you, then learn how to use the Pressing Iron without producing holes on clothes, then get a location, and you’re good to go.

With this business, you can warn steady extra income in Nigeria.
Basic Requirements:

  • Pressing Iron
  • Ironing board
  • Dryer
  • Detergent and Soap

I went on a tour with Mercy. She called a guy to come pick us up; not from taxify, not from surecab or musaride. He was chatting at the comfort of his room. He has a car, a black Benz, furnished with AC. He came in less than 10 minutes, picked us, and got N4,000 in less than 3 hours. Let’s assume he uses N1,500 for petrol, he will smile home with N2500. Imagine what happens if he has up to 4 bookings in a day; N10,000 per day, and N300,000 in a month without paying tax!
Basic Requirements:

  • Driving skill
  • Car

Haulage/Courier Services
A lot of people have need of sending packages from one location to another. You can satisfy their needs if you have a car or bike. Not the kind they call “smoky!”.

Some local laws regulate the operations of courier service in Nigeria. Make sure you get the needed licences, and get a permit from ministry of transportation to avoid embarrassment on the road. Get an office to carryout all the administrative tasks, and if you must compete favourably with existing haulage or courier services, get a website (hire me to create one for you) and you’re good to go!
Basic Requirements:

  • Car or Bike
  • Operational licence
  • Dispatch box

These 13 top business ideas were personally assessed by me, and deemed to be profitable. Pickup any of the ideas that match your abilities, implement it and start earning extra income in Nigeria.

See you at the top!